MTV Sports: Skateboarding PC Cheats

Rating 2

Cheat Mode

Enter "PASWRD" as a name at the lifestyle screen to unlock every board, park, costume, and skater.

Rating 2

Ted "E" Bear

Find all the skateboard icons in MTV Hunt mode to unlock Ted "E" Bear.

Rating 1

Jimmy Sweetlove and Lunar level

Complete lifestyle mode with any character to unlock the Lunar level and Jimmy Sweetlove.

Rating 1

Mad Mike Hoolign

Complete MTV hunt mode to unlock Mad Mike Hooligan.

Rating 1

Alternate costumes and bonus skateboards

Complete any level to unlock an additional costume and another skateboard. 

Rating 0

Chucky Mulgrave and Hades level

Complete stunt mode to unlock the Hades level and Chucky Mulgrave.