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MVP Baseball 2005 Cheats "Easier trades hints" (PC)


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Easier trades hints

-If you cannot get an All-Star or top prospect with a player for player trade, go to free agents, then sign the top free agent available and offer the same trade along with the free agent to have a better chance at coming to terms with the CPU.

-Use the following trick to get players like Ichiro, Beltre, Pujols, etc. Select a good players on your team to trade for them. Edit they players so that they have a five star career potential. When you go to trade, have all three of your players (pitchers work best) and the player that you want. With the other two slots open to come to your team, select the two worst players on their A team. The CPU will accept the trade about 70 of the time.

-If you do not want someone on your team, trade them and two players from Triple-A. This is guaranteed to work.

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