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MVP Baseball 2005 Cheats "Easy MVP points" (PC)


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Easy MVP points

-During dynasty mode, after simulating a season and before you go to the playoffs, save the game, then keep reloading it. This will give you a lot of MVP points.

-Enter an exhibition, owner, or dynasty mode game. Select a good overall team (for example, the Yankees). Face a team with bad pitching and defense (for example, the Rockies). Play on the MVP level. Go to the game options in the in-game menu. Go to "Gameplay Tuning" and change all the CPU's abilities (Contact, Power, Speed, Pitcher Fatigue) to the minimum (-50). Change yours to the maximum (50). It will now be easy to complete the MVP checklist goals (hit two homers with same player, steal four bases with same player, hit a grand slam, hit a triple, strike out ten, pitch a perfect game). Since the game is under the MVP level, your total MVP points will be multiplied by four, giving you a large number of MVP points quickly. Note: You can do this on the other levels. Under the Pro level the multiplier is two, and under the All-Star level the multiplier is three. There is no bonus multiplier for the Rookie level.

-Trade everyone from your A-team to the Red Sox or any other team you can get MVP points by winning a game against, then get eleven of the worst prospects on the free agents list and set their stats up as high as possible. Put them on your team, and set your team as the away team.

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