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MVP Baseball 2005 Cheats "Getting a good team together" (PC)


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Getting a good team together

If you get stuck with two fielders at the same position (for example Vladimir Guerrero and Gary Sheffield), just change the lower man's position to the opposite field. Sheffield goes up about 5-6 players in rank when you change him to left field.

1B to 3B
2B to SS
CF to LF
LF to RF
RF to LF

In owner mode you can have players such as like Albert Pujols, Carlos Beltran, Alfonso Soriano, and any other all-star for a team salary of about $37 million. When you first start the game, go to the edit rosters screen. Select you favorite team and put anybody desired on there, from the best pitchers to the best hitters, at every position. Make them really bad players. Save and load the rosters then start a new owner mode. You can sign Pujols for example for seven years at $300,000. You can then raise his stats back up again. During that seven years he will never complain about his contract. After the seven years is up, if you still want him you can make him bad again before resigning him. This also works with pitchers

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