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N Cheats "User Level Creator" (PC)


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User Level Creator

On the main menu, press the "\" button (back slash) to get to the debug screen.  Then, press "J" to have an empty level to edit, or press "H" to have a full level to edit. Then, follow these steps:

-Press "E" to edit the level.
-Press the num-pad "." or press "delete" to edit the tiles on the level.
-Move your cursor to where you want to put the tile and press the letter of the type of tile to place. (If you want to erase a tile, press "D" with your cursor where the tile you want to erase is.)
-Repeat step 3 until you have as many tiles as you want. (You may come back to this while you are editing the objects on the level, but I think it is easier to place all of the tiles before you edit the objects.)
-Press the num-pad "0" or press "insert" to edit the objects on the level.
-Press the button corresponding to the object you'd like to place and follow the instrutions that pop-up to place it on the level.
-Repeat step 3 and/or 6 until you are done creating the level.
-Press "home" to get back to the screen that has both options for "tile editor" and "objective editor".
-Press "Page Down" to show the level data
-Press "\" to get back to the debug screen
-Press "S" to save the level data to your clipboard.
-Open the "userlevels.txt" file on your computer.
-Follow the criteria before the "//------DDA---------" line and use it after the line. (At the bottom of the page.)
-Press "Save".
-Go to User Levels on N and play on your level!

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