Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek PC Cheats

Rating 4

Cabin codes

As soon as you start the game, cross the frozen lake with the ice floes to find an ice shack. Hop inside it, walk to the jacket, and grab the note from the pocket of the jacket. Look at the note and, with your hand, cover the left side of each symbol. You will notice that they are numbers to see the code for the cabin.

Rating 4

Bathroom phone number hint

Tell Nancy to go into the bathroom. She might start singing "Call 1-555-MYSTICO and prepare to be amazed". Go to the telephone and dial that number (1-555-697-8426). You can talk to him for a while. When he asks what you want, select any of the choices. They all have references to other Nancy Drew games.

Rating 2

Catch The Culprit hint

When pursuing the culprit, stay as close to them as possible on your snowmobile. You don't have to hit them; just keepingĀ  avoiding trees and rocks until the criminal has a slip-up.

Rating 2

Heat pack

When battling Ollie's daughter Freddie in the snowball fight, she will give you a heat pack to keep you warm. She will only give you one for each time that you defeat her.

Rating 2

The Dream Egg hint

After Ollie and Guadolupe fight, go to the restroom and hear Nancy say "Call 1-555-Mystico and prepare to be amazed!" Go downstairs to the desk and dial the number on the phone. Then, when Mystico answers and asks you want you want, say "something very special." He will tell you to return to the icy depths and discover the secrets of the great blue sea. Go back to the fishing shack and go fishing. If the egg floats by, catch it. You can then acces the egg-themed Chinook guest room. If you set Nancy's alarm clock while holding the egg with the cursor, she will hae a bizarre dream sequence.

Rating 2

Hidden Words hint

Look at the last 4 digits in a phone number to notice certain words that relate to the character they contact:

Tino's phone number - JERK (5375-this speaks for itself)
Ned's - HELP (4357-he gives you help in the game)
Chantal's - CASH (2274 - she wants to make lots of it)
Guadalupe's number - FANG (3264 - she wants to protect the wolf)
Fairingdale - SICK (7425 - they got food poisoning)
Guy who broke his leg (?) - SLIP (7547 - he slipped on icy stairs)