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Steam achievements

Absolute - Kill 250000 zombies.
All 4 Deadly - Get Fire Team, Mirror Image, Wild Bunch and Mantle of Cover then get a ghost pickup.
American Hero - Kill over 5000 zombies in Free Play in one game.
Armory - Stormshield, Regeneration, Armor, Counterblow, Aftershock then survive 10 minutes.
Arms Dealer - Get at least one kill with every non-melee weapon in one game.
Back2Back - Remain within reaching distance of your coop player while both of you not taking any damage for 30 seconds.
Blockade - Survive for 15 attack waves in Barricade Mode.
Boss Hunter - Friendly Fire, Mano a Mano and Boss Power then kill 5 bosses in one game.
Bouncer - Survive 5 waves in Barricade Mode without the lower sentry guns having to fire a single shot.
Breather - Pick up health then survive 25 seconds in Free Play without damage or firing a single shot.
Butcher - Get 10 zombies sucked into one Meat Grinder.
Chain Reaction - Pick up Friendly Fire and use a Zombie Bomber's explosion to kill two more nearby bombers.
Coldblooded - Survive for three attack waves in Barricade Mode without moving.
Collector - Collect at least 40 perks in a single game.
Cover - Kill 25 zombies while remaining inside one Turbine area.
Death Cheat - Survive 5 minutes with health staying below 25%.
Demolitions Expert - Get Shrapnel and Remote Detonator then use 10 grenades in one game.
Dive Bomber - In one game dive jump through 100 Zombie Bombers causing them to detonate themselves.
Efficiency - Kill at least 10 zombies with one grenade.
Execution - Kill at least 250 zombies using sentry guns.
Explosive Irony - Deal the killing blow to a Grenade Zombie with a grenade.
Fire Chief - Burn 800 zombies with the Flame Thrower.
Flak Jacket - Get hurt by and survive 10 Zombie Bomber explosions in one game.
Flatliner - Bring yourself back to full health after nearly dying with Last Breath.
Fortress - Survive for 10 attack waves in Barricade Mode.
Free Man - Finish off a boss zombie with the crowbar.
Grenadier - Shrapnel and Midair Trigger then get 500 kills with the grenade launcher.
Guardian - Complete the Point Defense mission.
Gut Buster - Decapitate 100 Big Boy zombies in a single game.
Horde - Kill 50 zombies within a ten second period.
Itemizer - Pick up 250 powerups or items in one game.
Ladies First - Kill 5 female zombies in one streak without killing a single male.
Lockdown - Reach wave 2 in warehouse barricade without any zombie breaching the fence perimeter.
Magnet - Collect 10 zombie-attracting Rammers in one game.
Moths to the Flame - Set fire to 50 zombies that are being attracted by a Rammer in a single game.
No Guns - Kill 500 zombies with a melee weapon.
Not Addicted - Pick up 10 health power-ups in one game when your health is at 100%.
One Trick Killer - Survive for 30 minutes in a game by only picking one perk and by only picking up a maximum of one new weapon.
Payback - Take 2500 zombies down with you using the Vengeance perk.
Resurrector - Revive you coop player 3 times in one game.
Rhylos' 50 - Get 50 achievements, then kill 50 bosses and score 50 million in one game.
Right-Hand Man - Get ghosts to kill 25 zombies in one streak while killing none yourself.
Runner - Run a marathon length 26 miles/42 kms.
Speedkiller - Kill any boss within 30 seconds of him appearing.
Stopping Power - Kill 150 running zombies in a single game.
Stronghold - Kill 100 zombies in Survival Mode without moving from start of game.
Survivor - Survive for more than 2 minutes in survival mode.
TeleFrag - Perform 20 grenade teleports.
Thinning The Horde - Kill 1,000,000 zombies.
Ton Of Bullets - Fire 10000 bullets while not receiving any zombie damage.
Too Close For Comfort - Kill 25 Bombers with a Steam Hammer in one game while staying outside their explosion range.
Tough Guy - Kill 1000 zombies in any single game without ever picking a perk.
Unseen - While cloaked, kill 250 zombies in one game.
Untouchable - Complete any mission without taking any zombie damage..
Victor - Kill all zombie boss types.
Weapons Expert - Get Dexterity, Intensity, Accuracy, Heavy Ammo, Improved Loadout then get 1000 kills.
Well Supplied - Explode 3 propane gas tanks within a 10-second period.
Winner - Complete all the story missions.

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