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NBA 2K14 PC Cheats

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Skill Points glitch

This glitch will max out your MyCareer players stats and skills without actually needing the Skill Points to purchase them in the first place. After signing off from PSN/XboxLive/etc, make your character and go through the Rookie Showcase. Once done, play the season until ou earn 500 SP, then purchase the Ray Allen Signature Layup from the store. You'll end up having a negative amount of SP, allowing you to max our your attributes and signature skills. Note: This may only work on the PS3 version.

7 months ago

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Cheat Codes **Updated 11 months ago**

Select the "Features" option and "Codes", then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes. Note: Certain codes are for specific platforms only:
2,000 VC Thank2kgivings!
3,000 VC N14PS-EXCA9-J1VC1-LEGHF-8U29H
ABA basketball payrespect
Harrison Barnes dunk package HARRISONSLAM
Random MyStore item N14PS-ZTQHR-DXPAC-H4Y5H-6NWGQ
Random clothing (PS3/Xbox 360) N14PS-XATTQ-LER7J-TJY8Q-NGVFU
Random clothing (PS4/Xbox One) N14PS-FW6YJ-FGYUB-DVMMY-JPVQT
Random shoes (PS3/Xbox 360) N14PS-AFMAR-LTUHV-4NI38-ASN7Y
Silver MyTeam Pack (PS4/Xbox One) N14PS-B6LTY-1VVNQ-EEA5M-8PPZD
Sprite Hang Time dunk package SLPERBIRTOEN
Sprite Lift Off dunk package SPRITEBUBBLES
Zero Gravity dunk package 2K+SPRITE

1 year ago

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