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NBA Live 07 Cheats "Losing your star level moves" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  PSP  |  XBOX 360


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Losing your star level moves

For any players with no Superstar offensive and defensive icons and no offensive star level icons, they can be designated as X-Factors. However, be warned as he could lose more than you think. For example, Andrew Bogut (Milwaukee Bucks) has only one icon, Star Level Inside Stopper. If he was to be named as a star player and you have unlocked his star-level X-Factor skill (for example, he is likely to be an inside scorer), once his inside scorer skill expires, he will lose his star level inside stopper also. His stats do not suffer; it just means he cannot pull of freestyle-replay worthy blocks if the block goes out of bounds. This also holds for Tayshaun Prince, but it is unconfirmed for Pau Gasol, who is a star level inside scorer and inside stopper, or for that matter, Shawn Marion, he has multiple star-level offensive icons and an inside stopper. This also happens for players with only outsider stopper icon such as Darrell Armstrong. If he ever gets nominated as an X-Factor, he would also lose his ability to put off easier steals after his offensive star-level attribute wears off.

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