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NBA Live 2005 Cheats "Better season mode team" (PC)


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Better season mode team

-Start a new season. Before anything else, go to "Free Agents", and sign the highest rated free agents you can find, such as Alonzo Mourning (70), and Karl Malone (69). Replace good free agents similar to them with your weaker bench players. With more high rated people on your team, you can make more trades to get very good players on you team.

-In season mode when trading, look for teams with one or more spots available on their roster. You can trade two or more lower ranked players for one of their higher-ranked people. Keep doing this with teams. You can then get even better people on your team. Using this and the previously mentioned "Better season mode team" hint will not be as effective in dynasty mode due to the salary cap. However in season mode, it does not matter. By using both hints, it is possible to get a team with Allen Iverson, Shaq, Yao Ming, Peja Stojakovic, Manu Ginobili, and other decent players.

-There is an easy way to change a terrible team into an excellent team to use in dynasty mode. Trade all the bad players to other teams for great players before you begin the dynasty. For example, before starting dynasty mode with Atlanta, trade their starting five players for Shaq, Duncan, Mike Dunleavy, Kobe, and Gilbert Arenas. After doing this, save the settings and start the dynasty.

-During season mode, go to the "Roster Management" section then enter the sign/release area. Go through all the teams and gather all of the best fifteen players (for example, Kevin Garrnett) and sign them onto your team. You will have to release some of your current team players to get the better players. However, they will not come up under your team's trade players list.

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