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NBA Live 2005 Cheats "Easy dynasty mode hints" (PC)


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Easy dynasty mode hints

-Prior to starting dynasty mode, trade Deshauwn Stevenson and Jameer Nelson for Brad Miller. Start dynasty mode, then play with Miller for about five games very well (only score points with him). However, make sure you win all of the games. After that, trade Brad Milller for Okufor on the Bobcats. You will win every game. Make sure you do not trade Francis, Howard, Hill, Cato, or Mobley. Mobley will try to leave at the end of the season; resign him.

-From the "Settings" option at the start menu, go to "Rules". Turn off all the rules except the shot clock. You can now run out of bounds, travel, and foul.

-Begin a season or dynasty mode and select your team then once go to the roster management screen. Select "Edit Player". You will then be able to set all the stats of all your players to 99. You should be able to win any games you play. Try playing as the New York Knicks and the only team you will have tiny chance of losing to is the Boston Celtics.

-Use the following trick to get an overall boost in dynasty mode. While in dynasty mode, go to "Roster Management" and go to "Edit Player". Go to "Information", then change either the player's first position, second position, or number. Confirm the changes. The player should get a boost in overall. Note: Some players will decrease in overall if you change them, such as Emeka Okafor and Amare Stoudamire.

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