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Need For Speed Carbon Cheats "Police codes" (PC)

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Police codes

During police chases, cops will use codes such as "10-75" or "Code 6 Driver". Here are the meanings of these terms:

Code 3 - In pursuit of high speed driver.
Code 6 - High speed driver who refuses to pull over for police.
10-33 - Is in a need for more backup units.
10-39 - Police will attempt to spin your car.
10-59 - Police are going to attempt to pin you against a wall.
10-73 - This is a roadblock.
10-75 - Police are going to pull in front of your car and slam on the breaks (very affective with Corvettes).
Setting up a quadrant - Police are going to set up in a certain direction to find you.
Taking out a P.C. - When you have "killed" a patrol car.

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