Need For Speed Carbon PC Cheats

Rating 3

Cheat Codes

At the "Click to continue" screen or main menu, activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes. Note: Entering a code incorrectly will require the game to be restarted:

Autozone vinyl - inthezoneskin
Castrol Syntec vinyl - syntecskin
Need For Speed Carbon logo vinyls - lotsoffreelogos
Need For Speed Carbon special logo vinyls - lotsoffreevinyls
Pharrell vinyl - pharrellvinylgogo
Castrol cash - 5grand5grand
Chrome cars - shinycarsarethebestcars
Cooper Tire logo - cooperlogofreeforyou
Corvette Z06 Interceptor in Quick Race mode - chasingmobile
Cross Corvette Z06 in Quick Race mode - guesswhoisback
Rhino in Quick Race mode - trashtalking
Fire truck in Quick Race mode - bigredfiredrive
Dump truck in Quick Race mode - watchoutthebigtruckishere
Unlimited Crew Charge - friendlyheadlocksapplied
Unlimited nitrous - nosforeverever
Unlimited SpeedBreaker - slowitdownwhenyouwant
Mazda Speed3 - speed3foryou
Mazda dealership - chasingheadlocksappliedrashtalk
2005 Aston Martin DB9 - givemethedb9
2006 Dodge Charger SRT8 - givemethechargersrt8
All tracks - canyonalltheway

Rating 3

Easy drift combo multiplier

Begin a drift race in the city, but not a canyon drift. You will see a red bar across the road that stops your drift points around corners. Then, there will be a green bar. As soon as your front tires hit the green bar, start drifting. You will get an automatic x2 combo multiplier. On some races if the bonus zone (yellow lines on sides on road) is too far away, it will give you no multiplier.

Rating 3

Avoid flipping

When your car is about to flip, hit the nitrous to stabilize the car.

Rating 2

Police codes

During police chases, cops will use codes such as "10-75" or "Code 6 Driver". Here are the meanings of these terms:

Code 3 - In pursuit of high speed driver.
Code 6 - High speed driver who refuses to pull over for police.
10-33 - Is in a need for more backup units.
10-39 - Police will attempt to spin your car.
10-59 - Police are going to attempt to pin you against a wall.
10-73 - This is a roadblock.
10-75 - Police are going to pull in front of your car and slam on the breaks (very affective with Corvettes).
Setting up a quadrant - Police are going to set up in a certain direction to find you.
Taking out a P.C. - When you have "killed" a patrol car.

Rating 2

Avoiding police hints

-When being chased by the police, open the GPS map and locate the nearest orange triangle with the pointer. Then, activate the GPS to show a blue arrow and lead you to the Pursuit Breaker. If the cops are directly behind you, they will stop because they "died". However, if you are at heat level 4 or higher, the cops (Corvettes) will just evade the debris. Once the cops have "died" it will then go into Cooldown mode. Then, just wait until you lose them. There is a quicker way to do this. If you go into GPS mode (after you have gone into Cooldown mode), there will be a blue-white dotted circle. Activate the GPS for the circle, then drive toward it and make sure that you are exactly in the middle of the circle. Your Cooldown meter should be drop down faster. After the little screen appears, you should be back to normal.

-A muscle car or something just as good is recommended. Use it when the cops are really pestering you (especially the blue cars or Corvettes) and start to corner you against the wall. Enter slow time and crank it to the middle of the road to get free. This technique is also very helpful if you have a flat tire. It might be not as good, but it still may work.

-When the police are looking for you but have yet to find you (when the map blinks red), back up against a wall. The cops will go past, but will not catch or see you. They will simply drive away.

-To evade a pursuit with no tires. hit that Pursuit Breaker as soon as possible if you hit a spike strip during a pursuit but near a Pursuit Breaker. It should take out all the cars in the pursuit because they will be very close or all bunched together. Then, hide somewhere close by if possible.

Rating 2

Turning sharp corners

-To turn sharp corners fast, tap B while turning. This also works while using nitrous.

-Before going into a sharp turn in a car with a manual transmission, downshift just before you start your turn. Then, start the turn and hit the Speed Breaker. Just before you reach the direction you want to go, turn quickly in the other direction, turn off Speed Breaker, and turn straight. Hit the nitrous for about one second, then shift up when you need to and you should be on your way.

Rating 1

Unlockable Parts

Unlock the following part packages by completing the corresponding areas in the specified career:

Brakes Tier 1 Pro (Tuner Career) - Billings District
Brakes Tier 1 Street (Exotic Career) - Hills Borough
Brakes Tier 2 Pro (Exotic Career) - Billings District
Brakes Tier 2 Pro (Muscle Career) - Billings District
Brakes Tier 2 Pro (Tuner Career) - Ocean View
Engine Tier 1 Pro (Muscle Career) - Morgan Beach
Engine Tier 1 Pro (Tuner Career) - Historic Chinatown
Engine Tier 1 Street (Muscle Career) - The Projects
Engine Tier 1 Street (Tuner Career) - Kings Park
Engine Tier 2 Pro (Muscle Career) - Palmont University
Engine Tier 2 Street (Exotic Career) - Eskuri Plaza
Engine Tier 2 Street (Tuner Career) - Newport Industrial Park
Suspension Tier 2 Pro (Exotic Career) - Kings Park
Suspension Tier 2 Pro (Tuner Career) - Eskuri Plaza
Transmission Tier 1 Pro (Muscle Career) - Eskuri Plaza
Transmission Tier 1 Street (Exotic Career) - South Fortuna
Transmission Tier 1 Street (Muscle Career) - Newport Industrial Park
Transmission Tier 1 Street (Tuner Career) - Mason District
Transmission Tier 2 Pro (Exotic Career) - Newport Industrial Park
Transmission Tier 2 Pro (Muscle Career) - Ocean View
Transmission Tier 2 Pro (Tuner Career) - Palmont University
Turbo Tier 1 Pro (Exotic Career) - Palmont University
Turbo Tier 1 Street (Exotic Career) - Fortuna Heights
Turbo Tier 2 Pro (Muscle Career) - Historic Chinatown

Rating 1

Easy wins hint

-In races where crew members are used, used a scout (Yumi if possible). If you don't win the race, your scout will.

-While in Career mode, choose the Exotic class. When you get to the Stacked Deck level, get a Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Once this happens, Neville, Colin, and Nikki will still have exotic cars. Select one of them and do any race where you can use your wingman. You should have easy win.

-For easier Speedtrap races, activate your Blocker/Brawler before the race. While racing and you are coming up to a speed trap, stop your Blocker/Brawler. This will crash the other car(s), and significantly slow down their time. Remember that the peak Blocker/Brawler moment is just before the speed trap.

-During a Speedtrap race, use a drafter (Niki if possible). When approaching a speedtrap, activate your crew member and draft.

-While in Career mode, choose the Exotic class. When you get to the Stacked Deck level, get a Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Once this happens, Neville, Colin, and Nikki will still have exotic cars. Choose one of them and do any race where you can use your wingman. You should have easy win.

-When you reach the Stacked Deck level and go to do the canyon race for a Lamborghini Murcielago, use a Corvette Z06 stock/custom to overtake him.

-The easiest way to win Circuit Races, Sprints, Rival Crew Challenges,Checkpoints, Speedtrap or any other race where nitrous and SpeedBreaker are allowed is by enabling the "Unlimited nitrous" and "Unlimited SpeedBreaker" codes. Use them at the same time throughout the entire race. This will let you make sharp turns and drive fast with control to get ahead of your opponents or maintain speed in the Speed Trap races.

-During the Canyon race you will see that there are areas marked with white lines with stripes on the side of the roads near the bigger turns. If you follow those lines you will have the shortest turn and thus be able to win the race easily.

-Enable the "Unlimited nitrous" and "Unlimited crew charge" codes. Activate your drafter (if in the crew) and keep the drafter activated from the start of the race. Follow him or her and you or your drafter will certainly win the race.

-Enable the "Unlimited nitrous" and "Unlimited SpeedBreaker" codes. During the race, keep using SpeedBreaker until the end. Also use nitrous through the entire race. This will make it an unfair slow motion race, that is painfully long but a sure win. To boost the effects, enable the "Unlimited crew charge" code as well and have a drafter as active. After that, use your drafter during the entire race. It is faster, but still painfully long. Note: This cannot be used in Quick Race, Challenge Series or Canyon Duels.

-For easy wins at the canyon, use the following cars. Tuner: Porsche Carrera GT or Lamborghini Muricielago; Nissan 350z or Skyline R34; Exotic:or Muscle: Dodge Viper SRT10 or Dodge Challenger R/T.

-During the Canyon races use any type of muscle car. They have more acceleration. You can pass other cars easily and win the races in just one attempt. The yellow Aston Martin or Dodge Viper are recommended.

Rating 1

Darius strategies

-Before being able to challenge Darius, you must race Wolf, Kenji and Angie in their new rides: Wolf: Lamborghini Gallardo; Kenji: Mitsubishi Evolution; and Angie: Plymouth Hemi Cuda. You will have to defeat them in the canyon first and then the city. Both races are sprints. After you defeat them, you will be able to challenge Darius in his Audi Le Mons Quattro. You will not be able to switch cars before each race. Start with the car that you want to use for all four races. The car needed to defeat Darius is a Tier 2 Tuner since they are the best at turns (Canyon Duel). Kenji's Mazda RX-7 is the best car if it is tuned out to the maximum. However, if you did not acquire the pink slip from Kenji, then your best Tier 2 Tuner should be fine, as long as its tuned fully. Defeating Darius will take several attempts, but you will eventually get used to the roads and will be one step ahead of him, making your chances of winning larger every time you race him. Also, if you cannot make it past the first, second, or third race, enable the "Unlimited nitrous" code then hold down the nitrous for the entire race, except for sharp turns. You should have a fairly easy win as long as you take all of the shortcuts. If you miss one shortcut, Darius will take it and you will be in last place.

-Get the Mitsubishi Lancer and tune it fully for all race package transmission, engine, nitrous, and supercharger. Also, enable the "Unlimited nitrous" and "Unlimited SpeedBreaker codes" When racing Darius, drive a normal race but use nitrous the entire time. In the canyon, stay on the pedal the whole time and only use the brakes if you have to. There is one point in the race at about 63% where there is a wall instead of a guardrail. When you get there, floor it to possibly pass Darius. If you do not, you will earn around 10,000 points anyway and still have a good chance at winning.

-To defeat Darius in Canyon Duel, try to get in front of him. After that, stay in front of him for ten seconds and you will win. This also works with all other Canyon Duels. Pulling away and making him fall off also works.

Rating 1

Easy money hints

-After completing career mode make Samson your wingman and put Neville in your crew. Now you will receive $750 rather than $500 when you repeat or start a new race in which a wingman is used.

-The easiest way to break 1 million in Career mode is to start a Muscle career and race two races in order to unlock the car lot. Afterward, go to your challenge series and unlock the Nissan 240 (last set of checkpoint challenges). Purchase the car in your career. It is possible to complete the entire game with this car. It is important to start as a muscle career so that you unlock Sampson first. Race the entire game with Sampson set as active and Neville in your crew. You will break 1 million with about ten races left over.

-Go to the Billings District, Downtown (tuner area) and to the Mason Fountain race (speed trap race). Do not join it. Instead drive south of the race and find an entrance to your right. Take it and you will go off a ramp. Once you go thought the entire shortcut, turn around and look at your map to notice an orange arrow. Race the car to any location. When you win, you'll get $1,000. Drive back to the jump and do the same thing again. The orange arrow should appear again. Race the car again for another $1,000. Repeat this as many times as desired. Note: This may take some time.

Rating 1

Recommended cars

-Purchase a Dodge Viper and build it for top speed. Afterward, your Viper will top out at about 240 mph and, with nitrous, at 250 mph.

-There are three classes of cars, each with their own characteristic that range from easy cornering to well-balanced road performance. You must master each car class in order to perform well:

Tuner cars
Their strongest point is handling, with decent acceleration but slower top speed. They consist of Japanese cars and mainstream European models.

Exotic cars
Their strongest point is their top speed, but also have decent acceleration and handling. Most of the cars in this class are from European companies.

Muscle cars
Their strongest points is acceleration and a decent top speed. However, their handling is poor and such cars are prone to sliding. Most cars are from United States companies.

-When a Canyon Duel starts, select a muscle car (for example, the Corvetee ZO6). You will gain speed, but be careful on turns.

-In Drift races, select a tuner car for better drifts. Pick the performance tires then set the meter to "Drift".

-The Pagani Zonda is the best and most expensive car. You can make the car reach a speed of 270 mph and is best in speed, grip, and drag (apart from the Wheelie challenges). As an alternative for drift and drag, try a highly tuned RX-7 (if rear wheel drive).

-The best tuner car to defeat Wolf TFK and Angie is the VW R32, which is unlocked after you defeat Kenji and is located in TFK's territory.

Rating 1

Need For Speed Carbon easter egg

During some Super Promotion races, the announcer will say "The little blue car with the license plate "NFS CARBN" needs to move his car or someone will move it for you".

Rating 1

Unlockable Crew Members

Unlock the following crew members by performing the corresponding tasks:

Neville - Available at start.
Sal - Joins after four to six races.
Yumi - Joins after defeating Kenji/Bushido.
Colin - Joins after defeating Wolf/TFK.
Samson - Joins after defeating Angie/21st Street.
Nikki - Joins after defeating all three beginning Bosses.

Rating 1

Custom Cars

Use the following steps to create the corresponding custom cars:

-Chevrolet Camaro SS (Bumblebee)
Use the following customizations:

Body Kit - body 3
Wheels - Work VS-KF 18"

Paint - Gloss/matte yellow
Vinyls - Stripe 12; black (all fills); mirror off; connect from rear compartment to front of hood

-Chrysler 300C SRT-8 2005 (The Blues Brothers)
The following is a tribute to the legendary 1980 movie's four-wheeled crusader. Non-featured parts are stock/OEM.

Ride Height - 25% lower
Performance Parts - Street/Pro package, all
NOS - Race package

Shape - Shape #23, all white (fill/touch/inner shade), doors
Shape - Shape #18, same as above, roof panel
Manufacturer - Chrysler®, both front doors

Navy/Royal Blue gloss

-D.K.'s custom car (The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift)
Make the following customizations with a Nissan 350Z:

Autosculpt Front Bumper - Borrillo
Zone 1 - 0%
Zone 2 - 100%
Zone 3 - 100%
Zone 4 - 0%
Zone 5 - 0%
Zone 6 - 0%

Autosculpt Rear bumper - Shadow
Zone 1 - 0%
Zone 2 - 100%
Zone 3 - 15%
Zone 4 - 0%
Zone 5 - 100%

Autosculpt Skirts - Shadow
Zone 1 - 0%
Zone 2 - 100%
Zone 3 - 0%
Hood - Stock
Roof Scoop - Stock

Autosculpt Spoiler - Jorgen
Zone 1 - 100%
Zone 2 - 20%
Zone 3 - 50%
Zone 4 - 0%

Autosculpt Exhaust tips - Supernova
Zone 1 - 100%

Autosculpt Wheels - Carbon Mo5
Zone 1 - 0%
Zone 2 - 15%
Zone 3 - 0%
Zone 4 - 20%
Zone 5 - 100%
Zone 6 - 50%
Zone 7 - 100%
Zone 8 - 0%
Zone 9 - 50%

Base paint - Gloss paint; very dark gray (first row left to the bottom row, all the way to the right)
Vinyls - Tribal 2
Vinyl paint - Fill paint; very dark gray (same as base paint)
Wheel paint - chrome paint - black(any paint of bottom row)
Window tint - Stock
Ride height - Any
Performance - Any

-Dodge Challenger (Retro Chip Foose)
All unmentioned parts are stock.


Autosculpt Wheels - Carbon razor
Zone 1 - 100%
Zone 2 - 100%
Zone 3 - 100%
Zone 4 - 0%
Zone 5 - 100%
Zone 6 - 86%
Zone 7 - 67%
Zone 8 - 0%
Zone 9 - 50%
Chop top - 50%

Paint - Black
Vinyl - Two tone - Edit color to yellow
Stripe 10 - Edit color to white, then edit it to follow the body line so that half of the vinyl is on both colors.
Wheel paint - Standard chrome color
Window tint - Dark black
Ride height drop - 50%

-Dodge Charger R/T, Petty Motorsports #43 NASCAR Special 1969 ("die cast" version)
Note: This is a recreation of the original racer used by "King" Richard during his best years in NASCAR. You can consider this a "tribute car".

Front Bumper - "Speedway" autosculpt wtih large lower cooling port and chin spoiler or stock/OEM
Side Skirts - Stock/OEM
Hood - Stock/OEM
Roof Scoop - None
Rear Spoiler - "Arrow", aftemarket
Wheels - Centerline "Indy" alloys
Front - 19 * 8.5
Rear - 19 * 10

Paint - Sky blue/"Petty blue" chrome

Manufacturer - Dodge, rear quarters
Shapes - Shape #20, upper body/roof
Color - torch red (fill/touch/inner shade)
Numbers - 4,3, doors

-Dodge Charger R/T dragster
Use the following customizations on the '69 Dodge Charger R/T to turn it into a dragster. All unmentioned parts are stock.


Aftermarket Body Kit - Kit 3
Autosculpt Hood - Dual-Stage
Zone 1 - 100%
Zone 2 - 100%
Zone 3 - 100%
Zone 4 - 50%
Aftermarket Wheels - Center Line Indy - 19'
Autosculpt Chop Top
Zone 1 - 100%
Autosculpt Roof Scoop - Blastback
Zone 1 - 100%
Zone 2 - 0%
Zone 3 - 100%
Zone 4 - 100%

Paint - Your choice
Vinyl - Your choice
Tint - Light black
Wheel paint - Your choice

-Eleanor (Gone In 60 Seconds) custom car
This is the exact car from Gone In 60 Seconds. Start a Muscle Car Career mode and conquer the first three territories (Kempton, Downtown, and Fortuna) to unlock a new territory. In this territory, win two races in the area to the far left (Silverton) to unlock the "67' Shelby GT 500". After you obtain the car for $108,000, return to your safe house and select "Customization". Then, choose "Aftermarket".

Body Kits - Body kit # 2
Wheels - American Racing Shelby Razor

Paint - Candy Red section top row, last box to the right (silver)
Vinyls - Stock; edit color to black
Wheel Paint - Chrome, in the red section, seventh row down last color to the right.
Window tint - Light black

-Keven Leven's car (Ben 10 Alien Swarm)
Make the following modifications to the Dodge Challenger Concept:

Body - Stock or Body 4
Everything else - Stock

Hood - Charged
Hood Zone 1 - 100%
Hood Zone 2 - 10%
Hood Zone 3-10 - As is

Paint - Green gloss
Vinyl - Shape 18 (move to center of the car, stretch from grill of car to beyond the rear bumper, may need to rotate to center stripe)

-Lamborghini Gallardo (Italian police car)
Unlocking the Lamborghini Gallardo is required. It is an almost exact look alike to the Italian police version:


Paint - Gloss Blue Bird Egg Color

Shape 3 (center on the front of the car)
Shape 18 (stretch so it reaches from front to rear lights, might need to rotate)
Shape 18 (mirror off, center on back of car over the word Lamborghini)
Shape 28 (rotate so it points forward, resize so they are thin and place on inside next to front lights)
Italian Flag (resize to fit on the side of the front bumper)
Window Tint: Light Blue

-Nissan 350Z (Black Bird US)
Use the following customizations:

Engine - Horsepower (all)
Transmission - Top speed (all)
Suspension - Balanced
Nitrous - First two in velocity, last one in duration (?? lb nitrous bottle)
Tires - Drift
Brakes - Rear bias (all)
Turbo - Balanced

Spoiler - Jorgen; Zone 1 0%, Zones 2 and 3 100%, Zone 4 25%

Wheels - Konig Imagine 18"

Paint - Matte black
Wheel Paint - Chrome yellow, seven clicks down

-Porsche Cayman S (Black Bird JPN)
Use the following customizations:


Engine - Horsepower (all)
Transmission - Top speed (all)
Suspension - Balanced
Nitrous - First two in velocity, last one in duration (?? lb nitrous bottle)
Tires - Drift
Brakes - Rear bias (all)
Turbo - Balanced

Spoiler - Jorgen; Zone 1 0%, Zones 2 and 3 100%, Zone 4 0%

Wheels - Konig Imagine 18"

Paint - Matte black

-Custom Toyota Supra with Toyota Celica hood
Use the following to replicate a Toyota Celica hood on the Toyota Supra. On a Toyota Supra, put Autosculpt hood Snyper and modify the zones to these specifications:

Autosculpt hood - Snyper
Zone 1 - 30%
Zone 3 - 76%
Note - All unmentioned zones are left at 0%

Rating 1

Vauxhall Monaro VXR handling

When the Vauxhall Monaro VXR's handling is maxed out, the game will say that the handling stat is as high as possible. However, it still slides when it turns but it is more controllable than, for example, a Dodge Charger RT. The turning radius is a bit wide and will hit the walls quite a bit unless you find a way to narrow the radius.

Rating 0

Unlockable Collectors Edition Cars

Unlock the following cars by completing the corresponding events in the Challenge Series:

Aston Martin DB9 (Exotic) - Defeat Wolf in Boss Battle mode.
Dodge Charger RT Classic (Muscle) - Defeat the 21st Muscle Car Gang.
Jaguar XK 2007 (Exotic) - Complete all three Turf War races.
Mazda RX7 (Tuner) - Defeat Kenji in Boss Battle mode.
Nissan 240SX (Tuner) - Complete all three Checkpoint challenges.

Rating 0

Extra money

Have a saved game file from Need for Speed: Most Wanted on your hard drive for a $10,000 bonus when you start career mode.

Rating 0

Free performance parts

Go into "My Crew", select a crew member, choose the "View Car" option, then customize it. You can paint it whatever color desired. Since your crew members cars are not tuned, you can buy them performance parts for free.

Rating 0

Unlockable Cars

Unlock the following cars by completing the corresponding areas in the specified career:

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (Exotic Career) - Shady Pine
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (Muscle Career) - Canmor Downs
Dodge Charger SRT-8 (Muscle Career) - Mason District
Dodge Viper SRT-10 (Muscle Career) - Neon Mile
Dodge Viper SRT-10 (Tuner Career) - Shady Pine
Ford GT (Exotic Career) - Starlight Strip
Ford GT (Muscle Career) - Silverton Refinery
Ford GT (Tuner Career) - Infinity Park
Ford Mustang GT (Muscle Career) - Kempton Holdings
Ford Mustang GT (Tuner Career) - The Projects
Ford Musting GT (Exotic Career) - Kempton Holdings
Ford Shelby GT500 (Muscle Career) - Diamond Hills
Lamborghini Gallardo (Exotic Career) - Diamond Hills
Lotus Elise (Exotic Career) - Ocean View
Lotus Elise (Muscle Career) - Hills Borough
Lotus Elise (Tuner Career) - South Fortuna
Mercedes SL65 AMG (Exotic Career) - Morgan Beach
Mercedes SLR McLaren (Exotic Career) - Neon Mile
Mercedes SLR McLaren (Muscle Career) - Infinity Park
Mercedes SLR McLaren (Tuner Career) - Silverton Refinery
Mitsubishi Eclipse GT (Exotic Career) - Old Quarter
Mitsubishi Eclipse GT (Muscle Career) - Kings Park
Mitsubishi Eclipse GT (Tuner Career) - Old Quarter
Nissan 350Z (Tuner Career) - Diamond Hills
Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 (Tuner Career) - Canmor Downs
Plymouth Barracuda (Muscle Career) - Starlight Strip
Porsche Carerra GT (Exotic Career) - Canmor Downs
Porsche Cayman S (Exotic Career) - Mason District
Porsche Cayman S (Muscle Career) - South Fortuna
Porsche Cayman S (Tuner Career) - Hills Borough
Renault Clio V6 (Exotic Career) - Historic Chinatown
Renault Clio V6 (Muscle Career) - Old Quarter
Renault Clio V6 (Tuner Career) - Fortuna Heights
Subaru Impreza WRX STi (Exotic Career) - Silverton Refinery
Subaru Impreza WRX STi (Tuner Career) - Starlight Strip
Toyota Supra (Exotic Career) - Infinity Park
Toyota Supra (Muscle Career) - Shady Pine
Toyota Supra (Tuner Career) - Neon Mile
Vauxhall Monaro VXR (Exotic Career) - The Projects
Vauxhall Monaro VXR (Muscle Career) - Fortuna Heights
Vauxhall Monaro VXR (Tuner Career) - Kempton Holdings
Volkswagen Golf R32 (Tuner Career) - Morgan Beach