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Need For Speed Underground Cheats "Drag race hints" (PC)


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Drag race hints

-While drag racing, once you get into fourth gear, use your nitrous. Your meter will shoot up into the red zone. Once it does, switch gears and get a perfect shift. You will get more speed when you do this. You can do this as long as you have nitrous.

-Repeatedly tap [Nitrous] at the start of the race.

-At the start of a drag race, hold the gas. Your engine will not blow. When the race begins, you will get a head start. However, you will need to shift immediately after the race starts.

-When starting the drag race, hold [Accelerate] and you should see the speedometer go all the way up. When the race begins, it will over rev. Do not worry about it, you should be in first place.

-When you have all level three performances and unique upgrades, select the Mazda RX-7. Play a quick race at 14th and Vine, and have only perfect shifts and use nitrous since third. You can get a time lower than 21 seconds.

-Get a car and install nitros (level 3 recommended). In a drag race, get behind a car in the same lane. Go up to it. When you are about 2, hit the car's bumper, then hit the nitros and keep holding them. If done correctly, you will eventually flip the car in front of you out of your way.

-Before starting a race, do not press down on the accelerator all the way. Hold it so that a green (better) or blue circle appears at the top part of the screen, and the stick on the beginning of the red part. When you begin, it should say "Perfect" (green) or "Good" (blue). Note: When you start the race, hold down the accelerator all the way.

-Trick out your car and made sure it has nitrous. Depending on the car, the timing will be different. For example, the Nissan Skyline is very quick when starting. Hold the gas out full then shift into second. As soon as you get into it, let all your nitrous out. For this to work you will need good shifts. If someone gets ahead of you, drive behind them. You can gain speed and pass them. Occasionally when you pass them, you will get a extra nitrous supply.

-After the start of a drag race, immediately shift into second gear, then first gear. After that, shift normally up through the gears. Also, save your nitrous until fifth gear.

-When in a Drag competition, if you are in first place and the cars behind you are going faster, block by just going in front of them. They will slam you hard, giving you a little more speed.

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