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Need For Speed Underground Cheats "Easy drift points hints" (PC)


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Easy drift points hints

-Stay behind a car during a race to easily earn drift points.

-To make the car drift easier, turn of the stability control by going to the Options menu and selecting "Car". Before entering Drift competitions, head to "Customize Car" > "Setup" and go to the engine upgrade section, then change the tires to stock tires to drift easier. Drift points are easiest to collect on the figure eight style track.

-In drift mode, repeatedly press [Space] for single hits very fast and turn left and right rapidly. This will give you constant drift points even when you are not in a turn on the track.

-As you progress through the levels, the score necessary to win the drift competitions get higher, especially when you have upgraded your car's handling. Before you enter the drift competitions, go into "Customize Car" and "Setup". For example, go to the engine upgrade section and refit stock tires to your chosen wheels. This will make drifting significantly easier. As you approach a bend with some speed, back off the throttle, turn into it, and return to full throttle. With practice you can earn 50,000 style points on the figure of eight style track. Note: Do not forget to refit the better tires before entering a street race.

-For more points in drag and drift races, use named cars(Petey Pablo, Rob Zombie and Lost Prophets).

-Use the Mazda Miata. Keep it in second gear. To achieve an easier drift, switch between first and second gears.

-Unlock the first drift track, then tune the RX-7 to extreme. To do an Insane drift for 50,000 points, when you go around corners, drive into the bonus zone at the inside and outside of the track. Do not tap the hand brake. When on the straight away, swerve a bit to keep the combo going. About two or three laps drifting is required to get it.

-Whenever your RPMs go down from hitting something or sliding out, hold the emergency brake until they get very high. Release the emergency brake, then tap it again. Your RPMs will go up, earning you easier points.

-When drifting, drive fast and slide the corner. When coming out, tap the handbrake. Turn the car towards where you are sliding, then turn it in the opposite direction and tap the handbrake. Repeat this until it fades.

-When at the main menu, go to "Quick Race" and select "Drift". When the cars appear, choose the Golf GTI. If that car is not suped up, do that first. Then, select it and take it to drift track one. Once there you can get maximum points.

-Pick the Mazda Miata. It drifts easily with little effort. Using the Miata almost guarantees 50,000 to 75,000 points.

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