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Need For Speed Underground Cheats "Easy style points hints" (PC)


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Easy style points hints

-To easily earn style points, unlock the oval drift track, go to "Quick Race" and select it. Race around the track using the handbrake to powerslide into the corners. Every time you fill the meter, you will unlock a reward.

-Go to quick race mode and select any circuit. Set it to five laps with maximum cars on. Then, just get near misses in a row to get a huge amount of points. Once your reputation goes up, you can make 20,000 points in one go around.

-Press [Nitrous] when the race begins to purge your nitrous for 150 style points.

-Unlock the Toyota Celica in split screen/quick race mode and complete the first tournament in underground mode. Go to "Customize Ride" at the main menu and pick the Toyota Celica. Select the "Performance" option and equip your new engine, tires and drivetrain. It does not matter what brand package you choose for them. Return to the menu where you choose from "Visual", "Performance", etc. Choose "Visual", then equip your vehicle with parts from all of these options (though putting decals, painting, and placing vinyl on the vehicle is not necessary). Do not use any default parts. If your vehicle does not have a two star reputation rating or more, then you may have forgotten an option. Note: In the body section, the last option may be locked; it is not necessary for this trick. Return to the main menu and select "Quick Race", then "Drift Race". Select your Celica, select the square track (should already be highlighted), and set the difficulty to medium and lap number to 10. You should be able to easily get "Great Drifts" and, if you are good enough, you can get "Superb Drift" and "Colossal Drift" ratings occasionally. You will get a lot of style points for doing these drifts. This is an easy way to get style points early in the game. Also, try doing drifts around corners in the bonus zone areas rather then doing drifts throughout the track.

-Go to quick race, then choose "Drift" and use the little square track. Keep doing this to win vinyls, cars like Eddie's Skyline, the Mystikal car, and more.

-After unlocking the orange Acura Type R in Underground mode, use it in regular quick race and win. Doing this will multiply your style points by five because this Acura has five reputation stars. Your style points gauge will fill up faster, allowing you to unlock other things faster.

-Turn on ramps in drag mode for bonus style points.

-Go to the quick race menu and select the "Drift Race". Pick a 5-star car, or the highest amount star car available to you, then select Drift Track 1 or 2. Select ten laps and easy opponents. After completing the ten laps of drifting, the style points will be multiplied by the amount of stars your car has. You may end up getting from 10,000 points to 100,000 points, depending how good you are at drifting.

-Get the 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse in underground mode, then do any race except for drag and drift. You will get 100 points for a head start.

-Enable the "Unlock all circuits" code, then go to Market Street and keep going off the ramp. Note: This will take a long time.

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