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Need For Speed Underground Cheats "Kurt's Killa Ride strategies" (PC)


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Kurt's Killa Ride strategies

-Use a Stock Mazda RX-7 to win.

-Use the following trick to win Race 95 (Kurt's Killa Ride) and Race 103. During these two races, the CPU will have the same top speed as you, but can get to it much faster. To overcome this problem, do the following. Trade in your car for the Honda Integra Type R. Use the following performance upgrades. YTune your car so that you have the highest possible acceleration, but the lowest possible top speed. Since the CPU will have the same top speed, he will not be going very fast and you can take the corners faster because of your acceleration. You will not need to worry about handling, but the higher it is the better. The easiest way to do this is to get the Honda Integra Type R and tune it with the following parts:

Engine/Exhaust: Extreme Performance
Drive-Train: Street Performance
Tires: Extreme Performance
ECU: Stock (do not tune this part)
Turbo: Pro Performance
Brakes: Extreme Performance
Weight Reduction: Extreme Performance
Suspension: Extreme Performance
Nitrous Oxide: Extreme Performance
Visual Upgrades-As desired, but your car must have a reputation rating over 4 stars.
With all this done, both races will be a lot easier to complete. After you have won the races you can trade back to your original car and put all the desired upgrades back on.

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