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Nerf Arena Blast Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)


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Cheat Codes

Press ~ or TAB to display the console window, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes and pressing ENTER:

Disable flight and no clipping - walk
God mode and flight - fly
Full ammunition for all guns - allammo
God mode - god
Level select - open <level name>
No clipping - ghost
Toggle invisibility - invisible <0 or 1>
Toggle third person view - behindview <0 or 1>
Disable AI - playersonly
Kick player - kick
Set field of view; 90 is default - fov <0-360>
Suicide - suicide
Takes a screenshot - sshot
Display current ping - ping
Set jump height - setjumpz <number>
Set game speed; 1.0 is default - slomo <number>
Real-time framerate meter - timedemo 1
Deactivate timedemo and give timedemos of the readings - tframerate
Change your nickname - setname
Set game speed; 1.0 is default - setspeed <number>
Changes hand in which you carry the weapon - sethand <center or hidden>
Change or removes the crosshair - changecrosshair
Change view of HUD - changehud
Spawn indicated item - summon <name>
Feign your death - feigndeath
Change perspective to the wanted object - cheatview
Change the perspective to the wanted object - viewclass
Change the perspective to oneself again - viewself
Change floor friction; 0.0 is default - setfriction <number>
Kill wanted person or object - killall
Kill everything - killpawns

Note: The "No clipping" code can cause problems with the game if you are not careful.

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