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Nerf Arena Blast Cheats "Easy points hint" (PC)


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Easy points hint

Go to the Ball Blast event and get all weapons and ammo, then go to where you shoot the balls in (not by the water fall). Use the jump thing to jump in front of the hole. Stand there until you get all the balls. Shoot them in and keep doing this until you get 100K or more points.

Change or removes the crosshair - changecrosshair
Change view of HUD - changehud
Spawn indicated item - summon
Feign your death - feigndeath
Change perspective to the wanted object - cheatview
Change the perspective to the wanted object - viewclass
Change the perspective to oneself again - viewself
Change floor friction; 0.0 is default - setfriction
Kill wanted person or object - killall
Kill everything - killpawns

Note: The "No clipping" code can cause problems with the game if you are not careful.

2 years ago

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