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Nerf Arena Blast Cheats "Spawn or shoot objects" (PC)


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Spawn or shoot objects

Enter the Advanced Options screen. Select "Advanced", then "Raw Key Bindings". Next enter one of the following codes to bind to the key of your choice. Press that key during game play to spawn the corresponding object.

Shoot Whomper ball - summon nerfweapon.bap
Spawn Triple Strike - summon nerfweapon.tripleshot
Spawn Whomper - summon nerfweapon.whomper
Spawn Wildfire - summon nerfweapon.turbofir
Spawn Side Winder - summon nerfweapon.sidewind
Spawn Scattershot - summon nerfweapon.scatter
Spawn Pulsator - summon nerfweapon.pulsator
Spawn Nerf Cannon - summon nerfweapon.mightymo
Spawn Hyperstrike - summon nerfweapon.hyperst
Spawn Ballzooka - summon nerfweapon.ballzoka
Spawn Suit Power Plus - summon nerfi.suitpowerplus
Spawn Mega Speed - summon nerfi.megaspeed
Spawn Mega Jump - summon nerfi.megajump
Spawn Mega Power - summon nerfi.megapower
Spawn Electro Shield - summon nerfi.electroshield
Spawn Double Damage - summon nerfi.doubled
Spawn Whomer ammp - summon nerfweapon.whomammo
Spawn arrows - summon nerfweapon.roxammopickup
Spawn Side Winder ammo - summon nerfweapon.tracker
Spawn Scattershot ammo - summon nerfweapon.scatammopickup
Spawn Mighty Mo ammo - summon nerfweapon.mmballpick
Spawn Wildfire ammo - summon nerfweapon.dartammopickup
Spawn Ball ammo - summon nerfweapon.ballammo
Shoot ball - summon nerfweapon.ball
Shoot Goo ball - summon
Shoot Mighty Mo ball - summon nerfweapon.mmball
Shoot detonating Mighty Mo ball - summon nerfweapon.mmdetball
Shoot fast Mighty Mo ball - summon nerfweapon.mmrox
Shoot Wildfire dart - summon nerfi.nerfdart
Shoot SecretShot2 dart - summon nerfi.defaultdart
Shoot alternate SecretShot2 dart - summon nerfi.defaultpowerdart
Shoot Triple Strike rocket - summon nerfweapon.rocket
Shoot slow Triple Strike rocket - summon nerfweapon.tracerocket
Shoot Side Winder disc - summon nerfweapon.side_cd
Shoot Pulsator ball - summon nerfweapon.spinball
Spawn target - summon nerfi.winky_target
Spawn non-moving character - summon nerfkids.ted
Spawn live bot for PointBlast - summon warbots.WBted
Spawn live bot for BallBlast - summon warbots.HBted
Spawn live bot for SpeedBlast - summon warbots.RBted

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