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Neverwinter Nights Cheats "Easy experience hints" (PC)


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Easy experience hints

-In Chapter 2, go east to the Neverwinter Woods. You will need the ceremonial dagger located in the Nymph's house. Go east again past the Druid camp. There will be an altar in the bottom right of the map. Click on it and a dialog box appears. Choose option 5 to carve your initials into the altar with the ceremonial dagger. An ancient dire bear will be summoned. Kill it for about 500 experience points. Note: This was done with a level 9 character. Click the altar and select option 5 to summon the ancient dire bear again. Repeat as needed. By level 18 you will still be getting 300 experience points for killing it.

-In Chapter 1, do the quest to free the animals from the zoo. You can get the quest from the Druid standing next to the huge tree in the City Core. When telling the animals they have their freedom and to get to the tree, you will get 19 experience points per animal. You can tell the panther and then retell the panther the same message multiple times. This most likely works with the other animals as well. Note: This trick might only work of the animal seems stuck in the bars of its cage. It may also work if it is up against a wall and cannot move.

-In the Prelude, try skipping all the battles. After talking to the man who teaches you about leveling up (thus taking you to level 2), go directly to the barn area. Speak to Fenthick, and tell him you will meet him at the Halls Of Justice. After he levels you up to level 3, go back and kill all of the enemies that you passed on the way there. You can get approximately 1000 to 2000 extra experience points by doing this.

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