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NHL 07 Cheats "Easy Draft picks Dynasty mode" (PC)

Game also available for:   PSP  |  XBOX 360


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Easy Draft picks Dynasty mode

-During the regular season, there will be some decent teams putting players on waivers for other teams to claim. If you find a good player but have plenty of other good players on your team, obtain him and trade him for a first, second, third, or fourth round pick. If the player is very good, you might get a first round draft pick. Only trade players for draft picks if the other team leads the league in losses. There is a good chance that team will get a first round draft pick at the end of the year. If you trade a player for their pick, you will get their first round pick at the end of the year. This means you will most likely get a superstar player.

-A couple days before the trade deadline, identify the worst teams in the NHL. Pick one of them and trade your first and third round for their first and fifth round picks. This will almost always work. If it does not, switch trade with another team. Then, finish the season and you should have a top five pick (unless the team somehow got good at the end). After you choose "Move To Offseason", save the game. Then, go to the draft and pick whomever desired. After the draft is complete, go back to every round and check which players you want to draft. Restart the system and reload the game, then draft again and get the desired players.

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