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NHL 2000 Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)


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Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at the specified screen. A small logo will appear to confirm correct code entry. Note: The latest patch is required for some codes. Note: Codes that are entered at the credits screen may only be enabled with the latest version patch:

Award a goal to the away team (During game play) - awaygoal
Award a goal to the home team (During game play) - homegoal
Zamboni moves on ice during game (During game play) - zambo
Cause an injury (During game play) - injury
Camera flashes from crowd (During game play) - flash
Fireworks during game (During game play) - victory
Automatically check on contact with opposing player (During game play) - check
Automatic stick hold on contact with opposing player (During game play) - grab
Enable pre-game spotlights (During game play) - spots
Elongated arms, legs, and necks (During game play) - mantis
Fast players (During game play) - quickftr
Powerplay [NOTE 1] (During game play) - penalty
Entire team fights (During game play) - big fight
Bloody fights (During game play) - bloody
Small players (During game play) - nhlkids
Big players (Credits) - buffed
Big goalies (Credits) - gulliver
Big heads (Credits) - headbone
Big rink (Credits) - massrink
High pitched commentary (Credits) - squeaky
Low pitched commentary (Credits) - barrywhite
Fast game (Credits) - warp9
Slow game (Credits) - slomo
Dark arena with spotlights (Credits) - night
No gravity for puck (Credits) - zerog

NOTE 1: Enable this code while your team has the puck to stop the other team and start a powerplay. Repeatedly enter the code to start an extended powerplay.

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