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Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath Cheats "Steam achievements" (PC)


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Steam achievements

Bag Blisterz Booty - Bounty Blizterz Booty.
Clean the Water - Take out Looten Duke.
Dam Sekto! - Enter the Dam Facility..
Don't be talkin' 'bout ma mama - Take out Jo Mama.
Dumb it down - Rescue Eugene Ius.
Elevate yourself - Take out Gloktigi..
Get to 'Last Legs' - Take a boat from Bloody Bay and survive..
Go Organic - Take out Meagly McGraw.
Hideout Seek - Take out Packrat Palooka.
Mine your business! - Take out Xplosives McGee.
Now there's two? - Take out the two Gloktigi..
Regain that spring in your step - Reach Sekto Springs..
Smack down Sekto! - Defeat the corrupt Sekto..
Spank that booty! that booty! - Take out Boilz Booty.
Starting the Journey - Complete the Tutorial.
The Sleg Avenger! - Take out Lefty Lugnutz.
Wash my hands of this mess - Take out Filthy Hands Floyd.
Who ate all the Zapflies? - Take out Fatty McBoomBoom.
You know too much - Take out D. Caste Raider.
You scratch my back - Take out Elboze Freely.

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