Oni PC Cheats

Rating 4

Barbras strategy

Knock the gun out of his hands, then pick it up and shoot missiles at him. If you run out of ammo, let him pick it up and when he charges it up, get it from him again. Note: This will not kill him the second time that you fight him.

Rating 4

Cheat Codes

-Note: This procedure requires editing a game file; creating a backup copy of the file before proceeding is recommended. With a text editor, edit the "persist.dat" file in the game folder. Go to hexadecimal offset $44. Change the $02 or $06 value at that location to $07. Save the file and start the game. Press F1 to display the diary screen, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Repeat code entry to disable the code.

-To enable cheats without a hex editor, type everything at the diary screen, then activate the codes.

Press [F8] to change characters - shapeshifter
Invincibility - liveforever
One hit kills - touchofdeath
Cannot be knocked down - canttouchthis
Ammunition and health - fatloot
Breakable objects - glassworld
Win level - winlevel
Lose level - loselevel
Super ammunition - superammo
AI controlled characters fight each other - reservoirdogs
Gatling guns mode - roughjustice
Daodan power mode, more damage - chenille
Godzilla mode, become giant - behemoth
Fists Of Legend mode - fistsoflegend
Ultra mode, tougher enemies - killmequick
Slow motion mode - carousel
Big head mode - bighead
Mini mode - minime
Regenerate health - elderrune
Phase cloak - moonshadow
Weapons locker - munitionfrenzy
Enable developer mode - thedayismine

Rating 3

Mukade's tracking fireball

Activate the munitionfrenzy code. On the left and right of the Wave Motion Cannon, there will be one small dot on each side. One has a WMC logo that does not work and the other has a Mercury Bow logo. Get the Mercury Bow dot. Fire, and it will be the same weapon that Mukade uses. Note: This is almost like the Screaming Cannon; it will hit you if there are no other targets.

Rating 2

Force Shield on Bio Lab

During the Bio Lab level, just after defeating the Boss, go to the door to the second save point. After saving the game and you have made it up to the second floor, save the scientist in the back of the left-side room. After doing so, he will give you a Force Shield which will stop all bullets that are shot at you. Note: Even with the shield active, hand to hand combat still can hurt you.

Rating 1

Shinatama strategy

During the Dream Diver level, enable the "Last Man Standing" cheat and rush to the part where you fight the Cloaked Ninjas. If you are fast enough, you will see Shinatama "trying" to fight the Ninjas (or you) and you can kill her. Note: This will not make you lose the level.

Rating 1

Easier start on Atmospheric Conversion Center (interior)

When starting level 14, attack the enemy which is in front of the pillar that you started out at. He will attack you as well. When he does this, run behind the pillar. This will "bring" his other patrolling friends towards you. This will be a bit easier than running into the open, where a sniper is waiting for you. When all three of the enemies appear, duck and continuously trip them. This strategy works if you disarm the man carrying the gun. After defeating them, look to the left of where you started. There will be an invisibility item. Pick it up and run towards the exit where two guards are located. If you try to kill them, you will probably get shot down by the sniper.

Rating 1

Ninja on Rooftops strategy

To easily defeat the ninja at the end of the level, first get and keep the Screaming Cannon. While fighting the ninja, stand with your back to the elevator door that you came through. The ninja will teleport and get stuck in the elevator behind you. Walk forward, turn around, and you can then see him trying to run through the door. Shoot him with the Screaming Cannon and he will die instantly. Note: Sometimes he will teleport beside you. If this happens, hit him until he has to teleport and try standing in front of the door again.

Rating 1

Unlimited time on Syndicate Warehouse

On the truck section, you will have about three minutes to get the console. To have no time, first get to the floor of the console. There will be a striker. Turn the console but do not kill the striker. It will have no time afterwards. Note: If you leave the area by the console and return, you will instantly trigger the intermission sequence and win the level. Also, to keep the striker from killing you, get rid of his gun then run away.

Rating 1

Special attack w/ gun

Equip yourself with a two-handed gun (such as the Plasma Rifle) and keep it out. While rising from a crouch (press SHIFT, then release) press KICK and Konoko will do a Jump 360 attack. Note: You can fire while doing this, but aim carefully. Also, this will not work with the Wave Motion Cannon because pressing KICK with this gun will launch grenades.

Rating 1

Second Deadly Brain strategy

During Level 13, hold onto a mercury bow that you get in the stage. Make sure to have some ammo. While fighting Shinitama, go up to Griffan's force field. If he is not standing near the force field, hit one of the switches and return. After he is near the force field, shoot him. If done correctly, he will get hit and come through the force field at you. Just hit him a couple times to win. Note: You cannot get the "Didn't kill Griffan" last Boss battle if this trick is used.

Rating 1

Easy robot target on An Innocent Life

During level 8, "An Innocent Life", one save point is within a room with three or four robots, deadly green ooze below, and large sparking arcs of electricity that you must avoid to get to the other side. From the save point, run up the stairs and take care of the robot up there. After that, hop down at the outcropping to the Terminal below. You should have just avoided the first half of the first arc of electricity. After dropping down, the robot guarding the terminal to temporarily shut down the arcs of electricity will not usually "see" you, since you arrived the wrong way. He now should be an easy kill.

Rating 1

Walk outside on Truth And

Duringn level 9, "Truth And Consequences" you will begin in a small room with a man you can talk to. He will tell you he has a wife and kids. Leave this room and go into the front atrium. In here you will see the locked front door, dual staircases, and a lot of glass. Shoot out a full square pane of glass (not just a triangular section), then run and hop through. You are now outside on the streets. The programmers planned for this and placed roadblocks outside, as well as invisible barriers, at the end of each street. You cannot run around too much. Note: At each roadblock are two enemies, with at least one carrying a Mercury Bow. If you are fast enough you can see them pop into existence. If you are careful and quick enough, you can grab a Mercury Bow from one of the opponents and it will still have one shot remaining. To re-enter the building, run up to the front door and it will open, and lock behind you. If you do not kill any of the opponents that see you while outside, they may come stalking after you throughout the building. Finally, going outside and then reentering the building occasionally causes a glitch in the game where it will stutter every second or so.

Rating 1

Big head remains glitch

Enable big head mode and kill someone. Then, disable it and the person(s) will still have a big head.

Rating 1

Multiple endings

After you defeat the computer (Shinatama), you are faced with a choice -- kill Commander Griffin or not. Your choice will significantly effect the ending Boss fight. Should you decide to shoot him, you just made things harder on your self. At the final battle you will face your brother after he transforms into a monster. If you do not kill him, the last battle will be slightly easier This time, your brother will approach you with two of his troops and will not transform. Do not worry about the troops, your old "friends" from the TCTF will help you, as well as Commander Griffin, leaving you to face your brother. With either choice, the ending sequence remains the same.

Rating 0

CPU strategy

It is easier to defeat the CPU if you run counter-clockwise around the room. Simply run in a circle since Konoko can move faster than the laser beams.

Rating 0

Mercury Crossbow on Regional State Building

During the Regional State Building level, shoot out the glass in the starting area and slide through the hole. Once you get out, a person with a Mercury Crossbow and plasma rifle should come out from behind the TCTF car. Note: there is another enemy with a Mercury Crossbow on the other side of the building who might start shooting you.

Rating 0


When facing a strong enemy in the later levels, aim fairly high up with a weapon in hand dash to an opponent, slide (begin dashing then press SHIFT), but do not knock the opponent down. While you are sliding, start shooting. This is an easy way to win because it is difficult for the enemy to aim at you.

Rating 0

Recharge Mercury Bow faster

Rather than waiting for the Mercury Bow to recharge between shots, drop it and pick it up again and it will be ready to fire.

Rating 0

Developer mode

Use the "thedayismine" code, then press ~ to display the console window. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Cycle through all possible weapons - F7
Change character - F8
Start recording - F9
Stop recording - F10
Playback recording - F11
Toggle slow motion - CTRL + SHIFT + G
Toggles textures - CTRL + SHIFT + S
Display opponent logic - CTRL + SHIFT + B
Display frame rate - CTRL + SHIFT + Y
View console commands - dump_docs
All doors unlocked - door_ignore_locks = 1
Kill all nearby AI - ai2_kill
No clipping mode - chr_nocollision 1
No clipping mode disabled - chr_nocollision 0

Rating 0

Boss after the brain computer strategy

The Boss after the brain computer has the Wave Motion Cannon. Once you start, run at him at an angle and jump kick the gun out of his hands -- he will fall down. While he is on the ground, run over to the gate with the two fallen guards on each side. Go to the right and pick up the Hypo. Use it, and when you are super charged go after the Boss. This should make quick work of his health. If he has any health remaining, just use combos on him. Note: Do not let him get the gun.

Rating 0

Dr. Hasagawa's Lab: Big Head mode

Start level 12, "Dr. Hasagawa's Lab". Reach the part where four tiny strikers rush you. Kill all of them before they escape back into the wall to unlock the Big Head cheat.