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Oni Cheats "Walk outside on Truth And" (PC)


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Walk outside on Truth And

Duringn level 9, "Truth And Consequences" you will begin in a small room with a man you can talk to. He will tell you he has a wife and kids. Leave this room and go into the front atrium. In here you will see the locked front door, dual staircases, and a lot of glass. Shoot out a full square pane of glass (not just a triangular section), then run and hop through. You are now outside on the streets. The programmers planned for this and placed roadblocks outside, as well as invisible barriers, at the end of each street. You cannot run around too much. Note: At each roadblock are two enemies, with at least one carrying a Mercury Bow. If you are fast enough you can see them pop into existence. If you are careful and quick enough, you can grab a Mercury Bow from one of the opponents and it will still have one shot remaining. To re-enter the building, run up to the front door and it will open, and lock behind you. If you do not kill any of the opponents that see you while outside, they may come stalking after you throughout the building. Finally, going outside and then reentering the building occasionally causes a glitch in the game where it will stutter every second or so.

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