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Phantasy Star Universe Cheats "Extra Mode hint" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Extra Mode hint

This is for lower level characters and a great way to get started. Once you unlock Extra mode, proceed through story mode until you get Maya, Kerin's sister. Then, save and quit. Now load Extra mode. Right from the start you will have access to all four of the NPC's in story mode on EXTRA. Party Nav, Maya, and Kerin. Go to the Linear Line platform and do the first quest. Afterward, sell everything and deposit your meseta. Run the quest again until you hit level 5. This time you should have enough meseta to buy a better weapon or armor. Then, go to Parim and do the mission that requires lvl 5 or better, and take all but Maya. Run the quest until you're happy with your (mid-range) level (about level 15 to 19).

2 years ago

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