Phantasy Star Universe PC Cheats

Rating 4

Chapter preview

To hear audio previews of the upcoming chapters, beat all timed missions in a chapter with an "S" rank.

Rating 3

Extra mode cast voices

To unlock new voice options when creating a new cast character, beat the game.

Rating 3

Unlocking Biochemical items

After completing a level such as a free mission, you notice your rank. If you get an 'S' rank (1000 total points), you get special Biochemical Items for Item Creations by 'Pete'. You get a different item for every mission. On the Mission were you have to Kill De Ragen you get the Biochemical Item 'DE Ragen'.

Rating 3

Partner Machine levels hint

Your partner machine can evolve at certain levels. The levels are production level 10, 20, and 30. 10 and 20 simply do better synthesis, while 30 allows your PM to go into battle. Be careful as the stats which you give to your PM will determine what it looks like, how it fights, and what weapon it uses. I ended up with a mini-tooth-fairy looking little girl with a shotgun. It does a 200, 200, and another 200 on a direct hit on the De Ragan. I recommend purchasing Carline which does all stats +8 except attack, and normal Photons which do +2 for everything except -2 for armor. If a stat is leveled with now red XP it cannot back level so it can't reduce stats.

Rating 3

More attack damage hint

When attacking,  time your attacks from one to the next to see a gold circle appear around you accompanied with a little zipping tone. You can also time your weapon skill attacks to do this as well. This increases your damage by about 25%, and if the element of your weapon is in opposition to the enemy's element, you can get a damage increase of about 50%. Time your button presses correctly at the end of your swing to inflict more damage.

Rating 2

Easy Mesta on "Ambition Of The Illuminus"

Go to the Flyer base on the Planet Parum. Select it, then go through it looking at every item there. You will find a gun which is basically a monster on rope. It shoots comets but has low accuracy. It can be sold for 32,000 Mesta.

Rating 2

Easy Meseta hint

When you reach level five, go to the Burning Plains Mission (I would suggest that you use Maya, Hyuga and Karen, but any party will do). It doesn’t really matter what type of weapon you use so don’t worry about that. Once on the mission, make sure that you purify all the seed and kill all the monsters in under eight minutes. Once you have completed the mission and done everything above, you should get an "S" rating and some valuable items to sell off. You can repeat this as necessary.

Rating 1

More photon points (multi-weapon)

Buy multiple of the same weapon that you use at the shop. Add them all to your palette. Equip all of them with skills. This trick does not require multiple skill items. This saves lots of Meseta because you will not need to buy Photon Charges. This trick is also very effective for forces because they will be less likely to run out of photons.

Rating 1

Never break a weapon

Before you use any of your grinders upgrading your weapons, save the game and go upgrade. If the upgrade works, save the game and repeat. If the upgrade fails, turn off the Xbox 360 or go to the Dashboard. Load the game and try again. You will never break your expensive weapons again.

Rating 1

Extra mode

To unlock Extra mode, complete Chapter 4 in Story mode offline.

Rating 0

Keyboard chatting

Plug a USB keyboard into the Xbox 360 to chat online. Display the following by typing the corresponding:

Show character face - Enter "@[0-9" followed by your text. For ex "@1 Hello".
Exclamation - After typing a message, hold Shift + Enter. Or with the virtual keyboard, type "@s".
Thought bubble - After typing a message, hold Ctrl + Enter. Or with the virtual keyboard, type "@c".
Expression - After typing a message, hold Tab + Enter.
Quick party chat without switching to the party-only chat window - Type "@#" followed by your message. The message will only be sent to members in your party.

Rating 0

Extra Mode hint

This is for lower level characters and a great way to get started. Once you unlock Extra mode, proceed through story mode until you get Maya, Kerin's sister. Then, save and quit. Now load Extra mode. Right from the start you will have access to all four of the NPC's in story mode on EXTRA. Party Nav, Maya, and Kerin. Go to the Linear Line platform and do the first quest. Afterward, sell everything and deposit your meseta. Run the quest again until you hit level 5. This time you should have enough meseta to buy a better weapon or armor. Then, go to Parim and do the mission that requires lvl 5 or better, and take all but Maya. Run the quest until you're happy with your (mid-range) level (about level 15 to 19).

Rating 0

Easy experience and money on Extra mode

You must be above level 15, have an Ice weapon, and must be able to do above 200 damage. Complete this mission with a time less then 9:30 and kill 82 enemies. Once you get through most of it, there will be a location that you must break open boxes. You must explore and kill everything. Pick up the items they drop. Once you get through all that you will face three Tengogh. After you kill them they will drop approximately 2,400 to 3,000 Meseta. If you complete the mission with 82 monsters and a time less than 9:30, you will earn a Stag Beetle that sells for 25,000 Meseta. Once you get mostly everything done and sell the Stag Beetle you may end up with 55,000 Meseta.