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Pharaoh Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)


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Cheat Codes

Press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + C during game play, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes. To disable a code, enter it a second time.

+1,000 Deben - Treasure Chest
City attacked by hippos - Hippo Stomp
City attacked by land - Mockattack1
City attacked by sea - Mockattack2
Destroy all military ships - Fury of Seth
Destroy part of next invasion group [NOTE 4] - Spirit of Typhon
Destroy single storage yard [NOTE 3] - Grenow
Exports decrease for one year [NOTE 2] - Bird of Prey
Exports increased for one year [NOTE 2] - Pharaohs Glory
Festival for all the gods [NOTE 5] - Meow
Flood plain farms is destroyed by next flood [NOTE 1] - Underworld
Harvest from flood plain farms is doubled after next flood [NOTE 1] - Life from Death
Houses and bazaars full of goods [NOTE 5] - Cat Nip
Increase number of already available hippos - Side Show
Inundation decreased [NOTE 1] - Mummys Curse
Inundation increased [NOTE 1] - Bounty
Level skip - Pharoahs Tomb
Lower kingdom rating [NOTE 2] - Mesektet
Plague strikes city [NOTE 5] - Kitty Litter
Population includes homeless - Help Homeless
Raise kingdom rating [NOTE 2] - Sun Disk
Shipwrights, weavers, and jewelers stocked with materials3 - Noble Died
Storage yard at maximum3 - Supreme Craftsman
Troops destroyed [NOTE 4] - Seth Strikes
Troops protected [NOTE 4] - Typhonian Relief
Upgrade all residences [NOTE 5] - Living Large
Various best houses destroyed [NOTE 5] - Cat Fight
Various industrial buildings destroyed [NOTE 3] - Big Dave

NOTE 1: Only available if Osiris is worshipped in city.
NOTE 2: Only available if Ra is worshipped in city.
NOTE 3: Only available if Ptah is worshipped in city.
NOTE 4: Only available if Seth is worshipped in city.
NOTE 5: Only available if Bast is worshipped in city.

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