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Pirates Of The Caribbean Cheats "Easy money hints" (PC)


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Easy money hints

-Go to any of the loan sharks and ask for any amount of money. Go to the box in his office and drop your money in it, then go up to him again and ask for more money. Continue to do this until you have the desired amount. Even though he says that he has ways of getting his money back, he never comes after you.

-Go into other people's houses and steal their items. They have things such as rings, potions, gems, and other expensive items. You can also look in isolated barrels, pots, and other containers around the cities for more items. If you walk around in towns and into places like the areas behind houses, alleys, corners, and similar places you can find items that seem to have been dropped. Note: If you walk around at night, you can see little specks of light on the ground, and these can be those items.

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