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Poker Night At The Inventory Cheats "Unlockable Tables" (PC)


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Unlockable Tables

Unlock the following tables by winning the corresponding number of tournaments:

Automata Table - Win 5 tournaments. This table makes the game black and white.
BLU Team Table - Win 11 tournaments.
Freelance Police Table - Win 19 tournaments.
Fruit Friend Table - Win 8 tournaments.
Max and Crossbones Table - Win 17 tournaments. This table makes Max a skeleton.
Max Imp Table - Win 1 tournament.
RED Team Table - Win 7 tournaments. This table makes Heavy wear a dealer's visor.
Strong Badia Table - Win 13 tournaments.
Team Fortress 2 Table - Win 14 tournaments.
Telltale Games Table - Win 4 tournaments.
Telltale Shield Table - Win 20 tournaments. This table unlocks all table effects.
Trogdor Table - Win 2 tournaments.
Twisp And Catsby Table - Win 16 tournaments.
Videlectrix Table - Win 10 tournaments. This table makes Strong Bad 32-bit.

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