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Portal Cheats "Objects through particle field" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3


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Objects through particle field

The primary objective is to create two portals, one on either side of the field. After enabling the "Portal anywhere" code, shoot one portal on the ground where the particle field is in the middle of the portal. To do this, aim your portal gun as close to the bottom of the field as you can that will still create a portal. Shoot another portal on the ground so that when you look through that portal, the line of the particle field cuts across the portal. Try entering through the portal on the elevator side without touching the field. Once this is achieved, you may now shoot the color portal below the particle field anywhere you can in the elevator room. You will now have two portals on either side of the field. However, do not touch the field or both portals will be erased. Simply go through the portal and you may bring objects (for example, the companion cube) through to the next level. Note: Be careful where you shoot the portal in the elevator room; if you go through it you may fall through the map.

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