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Powerslide PC Cheats

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Level Select

Access the following levels by entering the corresponding names:

Advanced - Jeff
Expert - AaronFoo
All - Megasaxon

1 year ago

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Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Repel other cars - blast
Launch bomb from car onto the track - bomb
Briefly ignites a spot near your car - burn
Jump up and hold DOWN to glide - glider
Cars hover - hover
Car acts as a missile - icbm
Car jumps several feet in the air - jump
Press A to launch a car or Z to move in the direction car is facing - launch
Lunar gravity - lunar
CPU cars do not steer - sleep
Slippery surfaces - slippy
Car adheres to any surface - spider
Sticky surfaces - sticky
Cars gravitate towards each other - suck
Slows time for CPU cars - warp or timewarp
CPU cars caught by tornadoes - twister
Lighter car, faster acceleration - light
Hold [Alt] to float - apollo

1 year ago

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