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Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within Cheats "Crow mini-Boss strategies" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3


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Crow mini-Boss strategies

-To defeat the mini-Boss that is formed from the evil crow enemies encountered in the start of the game after the ship level, jump over him and slash him in the air repeatedly. By doing this, he cannot hit you. You must wait a couple seconds between attacks. Also, in the last two stages, you will be on platforms; be careful that you do not fall off.

-When you face the crow king on the bridge, do not fight. Turn to the right side and climb on the surface, then climb on other side. Walk on the wall and stick to the pole. Jump to next pole. Jump to the surface, then walk on the wall and go up. Open the door by the Prince Of Persia symbol. Go inside the door to complete the level.

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