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Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within Cheats "Die from falling while on ground glitch" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3


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Die from falling while on ground glitch

Go to the Garden (Present) and make your way to location of the Dahaka chase #3 intermission sequence, when he annihilates Ravenman and he throws the Prince against the wall. Go to the same exact platform where Dahaka threw the Prince at during chase #3. From this platform you had to do a wall run to grab the ladder at your left. Once you are on that same platform, hang down from it. Try jumping to the platform with the pole sticking out (parallel to the ladder). Once you jump towards it, notice that the platform will become invisible and that you will land on the ground. Try to walk around the environment. As soon as you try taking a step, you will instantly die as if you fell from a platform.

2 years ago

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