Prince Of Persia PC Cheats

Rating 3

Prince Altair

To unlock Prince Altair, go to "Extras" and register the game.  Link your online profile to your existing Ubisoft account. Prince Altair will be available in the "Skin Managers" menu.

Rating 2

Highest and lowest points

-To get the highest points, defeat the Alchemist in the observatory.

-To get the lowest points, look at the perimeter of the tree shrine while in the desert; by the edge of the cliff, go inside the tiny room under the shrine's roots.

Rating 1

Big view

The Machinery Grounds' feRtiLe grounds is on a large airship; place the Prince and the Persian Princess on the ship's prow.

Rating 1

Prototype Prince and Elika skins

To unlock Prototype Prince and Elika, collect all 1001 light seeds.

Rating 1

Collect final Light Seed

To collect the final Light Seed, complete "The Epilogue" bonus DLC.

Rating 0

Assassins' View trophy

To easily unlock the Assassin's view trophy, around the Martyr's Tower you'll find stairs which go to that area's feRtiLe grounds. Halfway up these stairs is a beam. Put the Prince and the Persian Princess on that beam.

Rating 0

Classic Prince and Princess

To unlock the Classic Prince and Princess, go to "Main Menu" > "Extras" > "Skin Managers" and enter "525858542".

Rating 0

Jade skin(Beyond Good and Evil)

To unlock the Jade skin from Beyond Good and Evil, complete Story mode. Jade will be available in the "Skin Managers" menu.

Rating 0


Remain idle during game play. Eventually a screensaver featuring the architecture of the current level will begin.