Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 PC Cheats

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Unlockable Players

Unlock the following players by winning the corresponding cups:

African Players - Win African cup of nations.
American Players - Win American cup.
Asian Players - Win Asia-Oceania cup.
European Players - Win European cup.

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Use real team logo

To use a teams real logo, download it in .PNG format. After that, go to Edit Team and select "Edit Emblem", and choose the file you downloaded.

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Real team names

Arsenal FC
Aston Villa FC
Blackburn Rovers FC
Bolton Wanderers FC
Chelsea FC
Everton FC
Fulham FC
Hull City AFC
Liverpool FC
Manchester City FC
Manchester United FC
Middlesbrough FC
Newcastle United FC
Portsmouth FC
Stoke City FC
Sunderland AFC
Tottenham Hotspur FC
West Bromwich Albion FC
West Ham United FC
Wigan Athletic FC

La Liga
UD Almeria
Athletic Club
FC Barcelona
Real Betis
R.C.Deportivo la Coruna
R.C.D. Espanyol
Getafe CF
Sporting De Gijon
Recreativo de Huelva
Athletico de Madrid
Real Madrid CF
Malaga CF
R.C.D. Mallorca
CD Numancia
CA Osasuna
Racing Santander
Sevilla FC
Valencia C. de. F
Real Valladolid
Villarreal CF

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Classic players

Unlock classic players by performing the corresponding tasks:

-Win the following cups in League/Cup mode: Asia-Oceania Cup, European Cup, American Cup, and African Cup Of Nations to unlock classic players (for example, Best, Schmeichel, Chilavert, etc.) but with fake names.

-Win the Premiership, La Liga, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Serie A in League mode will unlock five to eleven players for each league.

-Win everything in Master League (D2 cup,Champions League, UEFA Cup, D2 league, D1 League, D1 Cu) to unlock over seventy classic players.

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More classic players

-In League mode, win the Eredivisie,Ligue 1, Premiership, La Liga, and Serie A to unlock up to 11 players for each league.

-In Masters League, win the Champions League, D1 League, D1 Cup, D2 Cup, D2 League, and UEFA Cup to unlock more than 70 classic players.

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Unlockable Classic Teams

Unlock the following Classic teams by winning the International Cup with that team:

Classic Argentina - Win the international cup with Argentina.
Classic Brazil - Win the international cup with Brazil.
Classic England - Win the international cup with England.
Classic France - Win the international cup with France.
Classic Germany - Win the international cup with Germany.
Classic Italy - Win the international cup with Italy.
Classic Netherlands - Win the international cup with the Netherlands.