Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 PC Cheats

Rating 5

Youth team

Set your Youth Team level to 5. The next year in Master League you will have at least two stars in your youth team. For example, as Barcelona the youth team spotted Klasnic 16 and Amanatidis 18. Other teams also have stars. Go to advanced search. Put in 15 to 19 for the age. For example, Carson in Sampdoria, H.Larsson in Racing Club. Teach them lots of Ability Cards and Positions to make them better than they are and also loan them out.

Rating 2

Unlockable Classic Teams

Unlock the following classic teams by performing the corresponding tasks:

Classic Argentina - Win International Cup with Argentina
Classic Brazil - Win International Cup with Brazil
Classic England - Win International Cup with England
Classic France - Win International Cup with France
Classic Germany - Win International Cup with Germany
Classic Italy - Win International Cup with Italy
Classic Netherlands - Win International Cup with Netherlands

Rating 1

Free agents

Free agents become available in February. To find free agents, go to advanced search and enter 1 to 1 for the number of years left on their contracts.

Rating 1

Real names

The following names have been changed:

Gil Bronco is G.Franco
Maridio is Manucho

Rating 1

Real team names

The following are the real life team names:

Barclays Premier League
North London is Arsenal FC
West Midlands Village is Aston Villa FC
West Midlands City is Birmingham City FC
Lancashire is Blackburn Rovers FC
Middlebrook is Bolton Wanderers FC
Lancashire Claret is Burnley FC
London FC is Chelsea FC
Merseyside Blue is Everton FC
West London White is Fulham FC
Yorkshire Orange is Hull City AFC
Man Blue is Manchester City FC
Pompy is Portsmouth FC
The Potteries is Stoke City
Wearside is Sunderland AFC
North East London is Tottenham Hotspur FC
East London is West Ham United
Lancashire Athletic is Wigan Athletic FC
Wolves is Wolverhampton Wanderers

Rating 1

Keep your team happy

You will have at least nine players who will want to play every game. Once you know who they are, when they complain about not being used after your first game, use them 90% of the time. Use the other players in cups and loan some of them, but check your team after every game. When selling players, sell them. Do not release them, because the team cracks up. If players need a break for just one game more than more game off, they will complain. Also, the next year the problems with the club will be clean and their love for the club will be even bigger.

Rating 1

Unlockable Players

Win the following leagues to unlock the corresponding players, which can be renamed:

League in Master League
AMF - Froequertoli
AMF - hanue
AMF - Mil Landelef
AMF - Mowkerai
AMF - Stjanovic
AMF - Verdonan
CF - Boramikki
CF - Halah Sumul
CF - Huno Sametz
CF - Landroam
CF - Mirakenic
CF - Patenca
CF - Shurak
CF - Skorimilov
CF - Solasal
DMF - Efervoltz
DMF - Gulanggiala
DMF - Islero
DMF - Law Kit
GK - Calmen
GK - Chimral
GK - Shirawtel
SMF - Meyelena
SMF - Rootz Eliquelo
SMF - Fillco
SMF - Kayukin

FA Cup in Master League
AMF - Nirasaki
AMF - Otoka
CF - Dahoo

Champions league in Master League
CB - Hulko
CB - Sirtayner
CF - Carls Royce
CF - Filler
CF - Valtel
CF - Vileni
CMF - Back
CMF - Balcon
SB - Joel Equater
SMF - Orondor
SMF - Zergair
SS - Selimi Galcira
SS - Smearl
SS - Waiyrin
Europa league in Master League
CF - Kemalson
CF - Romeyda
SS - G.Fullmantez
SS - Ojquera
SS - Revant

World cup with England
AMF - Galbone
AMF - Horner
AMF - Marcore
AMF - Plyguts
CB - Adion
CB - Kilcan
CB - Sumerslade
CF - Andy Scolme
CF - Ferdy
CF - Il Rance
CF - Shirare
CMF - Ambletone
CMF - Imghe
CMF - Reylack
CMF - Ward Toduncan Edwards
GK - Malquin
GK - Siyanen
SB - Le Doe
SB - Saintpealer
SMF - Malmoran
SS - Shilecon
WF - Burdner
WF - Warol

World Cup with France
AMF - Djiutaleff
AMF - Mimout
AMF - Zirom
CB - Bruin
CB - Dairsell
CB - Leghasci
CB - Telin
CF - Calcoma
CF - Derrai
CF - Guyrontin
CF - Putam
CMF - Guertoi
DMF - Pooroe
DMF - Bodolysin
DMF - Deroem
DMF - Katanyfu
GK - Bathez
GK - Lingne
SB - Argu
SB - Lirazal
SMF - Gigen
WB - Calmela

World Cup with Germany
AMF - Dartley
AMF - Hoeitor
AMF - Maletz
AMF - Meyno
CB - Burckland
CB - Hemton
CB - Kolmann
CB - Nodokory
CB - Zoner
CF - Bilkos
CF - Clantzgan
CF - Vauner
DMF - Jernisch
DMF - Reunsara
GK - Itzmoler
GK - Koethla
SB - Heinlebe
SB - Ziede
SMF - Sloeger
WB - Bnarck
WF - Lisagawski

World Cup with The Netherlands
AMF - Gulaas
AMF - Ron Da Buuni
CB - Bkalund
CB - Fil Da Buuni
CB - Romaal Kultan
CF - Creibaad
CF - Hotteubenik
CF - Van Ooidork
CF - Von Bolsen
CMF - Darit
CMF - Hofu
CMF - Jorme
CMF - Raukoores
CMF - Weltar
GK - De Home
GK - Von Heikemen
SS - Bemkap
WF - Orhaimnalz

World Cup with Italy
GK - Palunca
CB - Baroini
CB - Corsacoupe
SB - Tareski
CB - Majuzheni
DMF - Dinmo Bratto
DMF - Almelini
SMF - Besnola
WF - Doramore
SS - Lon Barron
CF - Verroni
CB - Di Bratsso
CB - Benboli
CB - Fenorra
SB - Benirro
WB - De Libro
SS - Maroghi
SS - Sorua
CF - Monsera
CF - Malgate
CF - Caccili

World Cup with Brazil
AMF - Djeraigho
AMF - Leymauro
AMF - Rusan
AMF - Zilcao
CB - Jenio Cemar
CF - Camre
CF - Muller
CF - Rozerio
DMF - Dorte
DMF - Malo Sila
DMF - Salmaio
GK - Lemon
GK - Taralm
SB - Cashoo
SB - Jirjonho
SS - Benar
SS - Elimelto
WF - Liova

World Cup with Argentina
AMF - Bujutava
AMF - Herjote
CB - Chiero
CB - Potequino
CB - Runzal
CB - Semini
CB - Vighatz
CF - Baquistata
CF - Bazqueni
CF - Bolibo
CF - Dioraz
DMF - Alanendo
DMF - Barenqua
DMF - Rogueiro
DMF - Siljome
GK - Buros
GK - Cayzrore
SB - Curalle
SMF - Guly Lomer
SS - Malgani
WF - Camirra

European Cup in Cup mode
GK - Buzo
SB - Lane
SMF - Ze Romento
SB - Dean
GK - Hulegrase
GK - Noland
SB - Pargoe
SS - Aguola
SB - Castrol
CB - Bcaru
CMF - Botanaski
SS - Famlan
SB - Boglon
SB - Rafnal
CF - Kmolo
AMF - Tojiklabe

Rating 1

Free agents

In February players who do not want to renew contracts are free. Go to advanced search and enter 1 to 1 for the number of years left on contract. The players on the search result are free agents.

Rating 0

Renewing contracts

Renew contracts in January. Go to "My Team" and scroll through the players. You will see the players whose contracts need renewing.