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Prototype Cheats "Bloodtox Filters strategy" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Bloodtox Filters strategy

You will need a helicopter and make sure your health is at max. Also, make sure you have the Whip upgrade. Take your time on this one since the longer you spread the mission out, the easier it will be. If your health gets low, bail from the chopper and replenish it. Once on the roof when you start at the facility, turn to the right to see two guards on top of a building across the street. They are shooting rockets down at the crowd. Use your whip and kill both of them. Acquire a helicopter. If there are no helicopters nearby, make enough commotion for a strike team to be called in. Once the chopper is within reach, use your whip and take it over. Every time you take over a heli, you will have about a 30 second grace period before the other choppers start firing at you; use it. Select the heat seekers and blow the other helicopters away, then wait for your threat to go down before you go into the Facility airspace. Once your threat is down, fly over to the Bloodtox Facility. The first things you need to take out are the guard towers. There are about eight to ten of them on all sides and corners. They also have heat seeking missiles. Once the towers are down, the facility is completely open. Beware of strike teams, etc. Save your heat seekers for them and get an aim on them before they do whenever they appear. When all the towers are down, the primary objective is to shoot those small boxes near each of the tanks. They have red blinking lights on them, and there are eight of them. Note: There are other threats in this mission. One of them is the tank that will constantly shoot at you, but not with heat seekers. However, some of the missiles people fire from the ground are annoying. Listen to your helicopter warnings and keep an eye out for other choppers that are getting close to you. The more you take out first, the better.

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