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Quake 3 Arena Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)


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Cheat Codes

Display the console at any point in the game (during game play or at any screen). Type /sv_cheats 1 then enter /devmap . Use the one of the following values for : q3dm<1-18> or q3tourney<1-6>. Or, you can use any custom map (leave off the map extension *.bsp). The game will load in single-player mode with the current settings of the bot variables, and cheat mode enabled. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

All skills unlocked at skill 1 - /iamacheater
All skills unlocked at skill 100 - /iamamonkey
Toggle God mode - /god
Toggles no clipping mode - /noclip
All weapons and ammo1 - /give all
Spawn indicated item - /give
Change view range - /cg_thirdpersonrange <320-500>
Change view angle - /cg_thirdpersonangle <-360-360>
Change gravity2 - /g_gravity <0-800>
Hidden Sarge skin - /model sarge/krusade
Set team model - /team_model
Quad damage - /give quad damage
Flight ability - /give flight
Invisibility - /give invisibility
Move faster; default is 320 - /g speed
Regenerate damage - /give regeneration
Invincible against lava, drowning, acid and similar hazards - /give battle suit
100 health over the limit - /give mega health
Use indicated character head - /headmodel *
Use indicated head for team - /team_headmodel *
Set rail gun trail time - /cg_railtrailtime
Set gravity - /g_gravity
Third person view - /cg_thirdperson 1

NOTE 1: The Grenade Launcher and the BFG10K weapons that are unlocked by this codes function, but the graphics are incomplete. It will appear that your character is not holding any weapon when they are selected. 2. Set to 0 to fly, 800 is default.

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