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Quest For Glory 4: Shadows Of Darkness PC Cheats

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Easy Honor points

Go through the game normally, except never climb anything. You need a low climb skill for this to work. You will also have to free the creature (Domovoi) from the monastery. When you go to free the creature, make sure you go through the front door. After he is free, leave and use the grappling hook climb back into the monastery through the window. Continue to the basement and burn the book. This gives you a large amount of Honor points. You will see a small intermission sequence of the hero running back to the window. Assuming you have a low enough climb skill, the hero will not be able to make it out of the monastery in just one try. Go back down to basement and the book is back in one piece. Burn it again and get more Honor points. Repeat this as needed.

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400 Acrobatics points

Import a character from a previous game and spend all available points on the Acrobatics attribute, then cancel the character. Import the same character again. The previously added Acrobatics points will still be present. Add to this total and repeat this procedure to gain up to 400 Acrobatics points.

2 years ago

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