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Rage of Mages Cheats "Item Names" (PC)


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Item Names

Use the following entries with the #create code:

bronze axe
bronze bracers
bronze cuirass
bronze dagger
bronze full helm
bronze helm
bronze lance
bronze long sword
bronze mace
bronze morning star
bronze pike
bronze plate boots
bronze plate bracers
bronze plate cuirass
bronze plate helm
bronze scale gauntlets
bronze short sword
bronze spiked club
bronze two handed axe
bronze two handed sword
hard leather boots
hard leather bracers
hard leather gauntlets
hard leather helm
hard leather large shield
hard leather mail
hard lether small shield
iron axe
iron bracers
iron cuirass
iron dagger
iron full helm
iron helm
iron lance
iron long sword
iron mace
iron morning star
iron pike
iron plate boots
iron plate bracers
iron plate cuirass
iron plate helm
iron scale gauntlets
iron short sword
iron spiked club
iron two handed axe
iron two handed sword
leather boots
leather bracers
leather gauntlets
leather helm
leather large shield
leather mail
leather small shield
none cap
none cape
none cloak
none dress
none gloves
none hat
none robe
none shoes
very rare crystal amulet
very rare crystal axe
very rare crystal cuirass
very rare crystal long sword
very rare crystal mace
very rare crystal morning star
very rare crystal pike
very rare crystal plate boots
very rare crystal plate bracers
very rare crystal plate cuirass
very rare crystal plate helm
very rare crystal ring
very rare crystal scale gauntlets
very rare crystal two handed axe
very rare crystal two handed sword
very rare crystal war hammer
very rare dragon leather boots
very rare dragon leather bracers
very rare dragon leather gauntlets
very rare dragon leather helm
very rare dragon leather large shield
very rare dragon leather mail
very rare dragon leather small shield
very rare gold amulet
very rare gold dagger
very rare gold ring

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