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Rage Cheats "Making Money at Wellsprings mini-games" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Making Money at Wellsprings mini-games

-After completing the initial game missions and entering wellsprings for the first time, you are given the chance to play some mini-games with the locals. You have to meet with the mayor first and get your own garage and your replacement armor for your ark suit. After getting your armor its time to play. If you don't have any start up money and nothing to sell, look on the mayors desk in his office on the bottom right corner. You will see a vault boy bobblehead worth a staggering $150! Sell the bobble head and look for an alley where some locals are squatting near a game board with some holograms on it. The game is simple; you get three chances to roll the dice. After each roll the dice will either come up a skull or a crosshair. If you get a crosshair, the sheriff hologram in the middle shoots and destroys a mutant hologram. If you take out every mutant before the end of the third role than you win, if not, you lose the money you bet. You can bet up to $25 per game. If you get four crosshairs in the first round, you get 10x the money you bet back in winnings. If you defeat all the mutants by the second round than you get 4x your winnings, and if you defeat all of them by the end of the third round then you break even. It seems to be random, so just keep playing until you win.

Now here is the hint: save your game before you play. If you win enough money to make more than you started out with, exit the minigame and save, then go and play again. If you lose more money than you win, simply load up your save and try again. I started with $150, in less than an hour I had over $725! This helps make infinite money to stock up on ammo and items early in the game if you are willing to take the time to do it.

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