Rayman 2: The Great Escape PC Cheats

Rating 2

Echoing Caves

After you get all the lumz and cages in the echoing caves, the game will state that have lumz and no cages until you go to another stage and return.

Rating 1

Unlimited health

At the start of the game, go through the level until you reach the final cage. Do not shoot at it. Instead, jump into the big black hole repeatedly until it says "Try Again!". You will now have unlimited health through the rest of the game.

Rating 1

Menezis Minigame

At the end of the game and after the credits have finished, wait on the "The End" screen. Eventually the word "Cheat" will appear at the bottom of the screen, and the Menezis minigame will start.

Rating 1

Level select

Press ESC to display the menu, then type gothere. The name of a level will appear at the top of the screen. Press UP or DOWN to select a new level.

Rating 0

Cheat Codes

Press ESC to display the menu, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

5 additional lives and full health gimmelife
5 additional lumz gimmelumz
All power-ups globoxrules
Increased fire power glowfist