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Rayman Forever Cheats "Free life trophy" (PC)


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Free life trophy

Note: This glitch only affects the game when played under Windows 95 and is only found in the Original Rayman portion of the game. Obtain the grabbing fist from Bettila the Fairy, then go to the fifth stage in Bongo Hills. When you reach the photographer, instead of going right to complete the level, jump as far left as you can. You will land on a platform. Proceed left until you see several platforms leading upward. Instead of going up, jump down until you land on a platform with three free lives in a pile. Punch the one on the bottom right and your grabbing fist will not bring it back to you. Instead, you will obtain a free life and the free life trophy will remain in the same place. Note: This only works twice.

2 years ago

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