Real War PC Cheats

Rating 2

Multiple bases

Enable the "Full supply" and "No fog of war" codes, then click on US headquarters. Build it next to a building that is included with the level. After that, build whatever you want, but keep them away from the US headquarters that you built. Then, build a nuclear silo and launch a nuke at the building next to the US headquarters that you built. Repeat this until you run out of everything in your inventory.

Rating 1


If you blow up an HQ you will see a toilet fly out of it. 

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes during game play:

Full supply - Hold CTRL + LEFT + F9 and press S
No fog of war - Hold CTRL + RIGHT and press F

Rating 0

Counter units

Tactical Nukes - ILA Mobile GTA
ILA Mobile GTA - US Stealth Bomber
ALL Boats - ILA and US subs
ILA and US Subs - Sub-hunter Helicopters
Infantry - Anything on wheels (run them over)