Red Faction 2 PC Cheats

Rating 4

FMV sequences

After you clear a level, you will be awarded the FMV sequence for that level plus another movie. Completing level 1 unlocks a spoof interview with characters from Summoner 2 talking about the Red Faction games. Completing level 2 unlocks a behind-the-scenes FMV sequence.

Rating 3

Hidden location on Maze Way

Go to where the precision sniper rifle spawns, then go down the hallway to see a satchel charge. Pick them up and throw them at the wall across from where you collected them. The wall blow up and you can go in . Once you go in, you will see what looks like a hot dog cart. If you are playing with power ups, you will get them all; if not, you will not find anything other than the cart . Note: If you look at the walls there are three signs that read "Caution you have chosen death". If you try walking out of the room you will die. However, this is a good ambush location.

Rating 3

Quill strategy on Dancing With The Dead

To kill Quill the sniper very easily, when you start the level, run into the adjoining bunker on the other side. Then, blow a hole through the wall. After that, blow up the pillar in front of you as much as you can until you see her. Take out your sniper rifle and keep shooting her in the head. This is the easy way to kill her under any difficulty setting. If you run out into the room, there are guards with rail guns, sniper rifles, and nano civilians. By staying in the bunker, you only have to worry about shooting Quill, who hardly hits you. You will only have to worry about a few nano civilians. The snipers and rail gunners can be ignored.

Rating 2

Master code

Enter either of the following codes at the "Cheats" sub-menu, which is found at the main screen by going to "Extras" > "Cheats": YZWZYXWX or WWXXYZYZ. This will unlock all in-game cheats. It has to be "activated" by putting a checkmark next to it. You can also access this menu during game play by pressing ESC, then going to "Cheats". The cheat options are as follows:

Super Health - Health quickly regenerates over time.
Infinite Grenades - Self-explanatory.
Infinite Ammo - Self-explanatory.
Reign Of Fire - All weapons make the target burst in flames after they are shot.
Explosive Personality - When pressing [Use] (default E) on someone, they gib.
Walking Dead - Makes everyone resemble zombies.
Gibby Ammo - Shoot one round and the victim gibs.
Gibby Explosions - Explosions make everything in its path gib.
Rapid Rails - RailGun shoots very fast.
Extra Chunky - Every time you shoot an enemy, you get a gib part (only visually with no hole)
Wacky Deaths - When shot in front, some enemies you kill die as if hit hard in the stomach; when shot in back they look like they tripped on something.

Rating 1

Early WASP on Public Information Building

During single player mode, select the Public Information Building level, and then "to the rooftop". When you get to the two-story tower before the gunship you must face, go to the bottom of the stairs and blow a hole through the wall. You will locate a room with a ladder. Climb the ladder and you will find the second strongest weapon in the game, the WASP. You will also be awarded heroics for finding "the secret weapon".

Rating 1

Repta strategy

To quickly kill Repta in the first encounter, first equip your pistol before stepping into the arena an select the shock grenades as your grenade. You will need a pistol because you can throw grenades at a faster rate with it. Find Repta and go on the same catwalk as he is on. Precisely throw a grenade at Repta. Make sure it does not fall off the catwalk. When he is stunned, quickly switch to satchels and throw two (recommended) or three satchels at him. Once they are stuck onto him, immediately switch to your Nano GL and shoot a round at him. Do not stand too close. Repta should lose about one third or one fourth of his life. Repeat this if desired for an easy kill.

Rating 1


Complete the bonuses missions in single player mode at under the easy, medium or hard difficulty setting.

Rating 0

Rapid kills, accuracy, and bagman points

Select "Team Bagman" and go to the level "Relentless". Set the options as follows:

Weapons: Pistol to default, rail driver
Score limits: 500
More bots possible
No power ups
No reloads
Unlimited ammo
Difficulty: Easy or create some bots and make them easier and make their first liked weapon to pistol. Have yourself alone in your team, and all bots are in the other.

Try findingthe rail driver and the bag then go to the large room where is the large hole on the roof. Go to the small room on your left when you come from the little jump room. Next, stay as hidden as possible. The stupid bots will appear. Continue firing so that when the bots appear, they will freeze in place and cannot hit you. If you wait until at least four bots are stuck like that, you will have unbelievable performance.

Rating 0

Humorous message in multi-player mode

In the multi-player level "Watch Your Step", jump off of a cliff and fall. If you look upward fast enough, you can see a hidden message spray painted on the bottom of the level. The message is "SUCKS TO BE YOU". An easier way to do this is to play on arena mode and die to become an observer. While in observer mode, move under the platform and read the message.

Rating 0

Cheat Codes

Activate the following  cheats by entering the corresponding codes at the "Cheats" sub-menu, which is found at the main screen by going to "Extras" > "Cheats":

Level select option at single player menu - ZYXWYZXX
Super Health - XXYWYWZ
Unlimited Ammo - YWXZYZXW
Unlimited Grenades - ZXZYXZXZ
Rapid Rails - ZYZYXXWW
Gibby Explosions - WZXYWZXY
Gibby Ammo - XXXXYZXX
Extra Chunky - ZZZZWXZZ
Director's Cut - YXZWZXYW
Walking Dead - XXXXXXXX
Wacky Deaths - WWWWWWWW
Rain Of Fire - YYYYYYYY
Bouncing Bombs - ZZZZZZZZ
Win Game - YXYX
All Weapons - Y
Explosive Personality - X