Redline PC Cheats

Rating 2

EMP missile

If you get a EMP missile, save it to use it to steal cars.

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Cheat Codes

Hold G + O + D during game play, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding command line:

Enable God mode - immortal
Disable God mode - mortal
All car weapons - cw
Flip car geometry - carflip
Full car ammo - ca
No car geometry - caroff
On-foot radar - radar
On-foot weapons have double damage - dbdamage
On-foot weapons have full ammo - allammo
On-foot weapons have targeting - targets
Reticle turns red when over target - reticle
Reverse car geometry - carreverse
Running person instead of car - stoneage
Third person view when on-foot - camera
Radar when on foot - radar
Level select - alllevels
Beyond Games credit world - teambeyond
Toggle car wheels - wheelsoff

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Exploding driver

Activate the stoneage and wheelsoff codes. After destroying the "cars", it appears as if a person exploded into a shell of that car. Then, another person pops out of that.