Resident Evil 5 PC Cheats

Rating 3

BSAA emblem locations

Unlock items at the "Bonus Features" menu by shooting the thirty hidden B.S.A.A. emblems. Note: When replaying a level to find emblems, there is no need to continue to a checkpoint. The game will record it as collected as soon as it is shot:

Chapter 1-2: Public Assembly

  • Emblem #1 - Inside the building with the antique clock treasure, go upstairs to the east balcony and turn right. Look towards the house in the distance to see the emblem.
  • Emblem #2 - After the radio transmission about an unkown hostile, climb the ladder to the top floor of the building. Stand on the east side and look west. The emblem is located under the water tower.
  • Emblem #3 - Before completing the level, go past the ammo suitcase and look through the fence on your right to see the emblem.

Chapter 2-1: Storage Facility
  • Emblem #4 - Located to the right and above the exit door of the warehouse.
  • Emblem #5 - After crossing the bridge, turn right and go down the walkway that leads down to the river. The emblem is located on one of the support columns under the bridge.
  • Emblem #6 - As you walk into the market, look to the small green stall on your right. The emblem is located underneath the roof.
  • Emblem #7 - Ahead of the port's gate, climb the ladder of the first builing on your right. Go to where a Green Herb is laying and look across to see the emblem in an arched doorway.
  • Emblem #8 - Before you assist Sheva across the gap, turn around to spot the emblem on the roofs ledge on the right side.

Chapter 2-2: Train Station
  • Emblem #9 - In the trainyard go to the first train car and turn around. The emblem is on a large industrial tower.
  • Emblem #10 - While crossing the wooden bridge look to your right. The embelem is located behind the waterfall.
  • Emblem #11 - At the end of the strip mine after you exit the two story building, turn around to spot the emblem against the wall on second of the three buildings.

Chapter 3-1: Marshlands
  • Emblem #12 - While on the airboat to your left is a power line with a pair of cables connecting to a far away pole. Zoom in on the pole about midway up it to spot the emblem.
  • Emblem #13 - On the chicken island, get off the boat in the middle of the map. Stand in front of the canoe by the shore and look under the hut to spot the emblem on the right side.
  • Emblem #14 - At the northwest island with the Nile Perch fishery, walk towards the hut. Look up to spot the emblem in the rafters.
  • Emblem #15 - Open the swamp gate and go to the next map. Go into the water and turn around to spot the emblem underneath the wooden walkway.

Chapter 3-2: Execution Ground
  • Emblem #16 - Located at the Tricell campsite in between two tents.Emblem #17 - At the harbor when the timer starts running, look behind your spawn point to see a shack with the emblem inside. Chapter 3-3: Oil Field - Drilling FacilitiesEmblem #18 - After passing through the first floodgate, look behind you to spot the emblem on the upper part of it. Chapter 4-1: Caves
  • Emblem #19 - After you fight the spider enemies on the rope bridge, look near the smaller of the two waterfalls to spot the emblem.
  • Emblem #20 - Use a rifle's zoom to locate the emblem about halfway down the structure with a giant crystal.
  • Emblem #21 - In the labyrinth area, jump over a gap near a torch. The emblem is located above the green statue.

Chapter 4-2: Worship Area
  • Emblem #22 - The emblem is located on the first floor in the north room with the corpse and spikes. Use the mirror lasers to get it.

Chapter 5-1: Underground Garden
  • Emblem #23 - Located in the large garden at the northeast corner under the small bridge.

Chapter 5-2: Experimental Facility
  • Emblem #24 - Located inside the open dumpster after passing through the first set of conveyors.

Chapter 5-3: Uroboros Research Facility
  • Emblem #25 - Exit the boss room and check behind the large ventilation fan to spot the emblem.
  • Emblem #26 - When you reach the rotating white metal silo platform go downstairs and look up to spot the emblem through the floor grating of a control booth.
  • Emblem #27 - Located inside the elevator shaft of the mining area.

Chapter 6-1: Ship Deck
  • Emblem #28 - Aim and zoom your rifle to the distant radar tower at the far end of the ship's deck. It is located on top of it.
  • Emblem #29 - There is a switch used to operate a crane next to one of the cargo containers. Use it to move the machinery in your way. The emblem is located inside the container left of the cargo elevator. Throw a grenade inside to break it.
  • Emblem #30 - In the room where you meet Excella, look inside a cupboard with a glass door to spot the emblem.

Rating 3

"Shanty Town": Staying together

Go up to the building that has two frag grenades. You can go off of the edge and bounce them off of the sign named "KENNYS". If done correctly, this will blow off the lock, eliminating the need for Sheva and yourself to be separated.

Rating 3

"Train Station": Hidden Majini

In the third part of the level, find the green portable toilet past the truck with a Gatling gun. Knock on it to find a hidden Majini.

Rating 3

"Train Station": Easy money

  • In Chapter 2-2 in the mining area, after the cinematic where the masked person takes the man in the suit away, you will have a great opportunity for easy treasure. Immediately in the area that follows is a brilliant diamond worth 4,000 gold and smaller diamond worth 2,000 gold. While you are upstairs, next to the windows will be a locker that you can open. Inside is a sniper rifle in case you need it. Downstairs are two enemies that you should get rid of to make things easier. Then from upstairs, you can pick off the half-dozen or so enemies that are waiting for you outside with the sniper rifle. After you take care of all or most of them, run out. To your left behind all the equipment is a small red ladder. Climb it, and to side farthest from you will be a chest. Inside will be the big brilliant diamond. Go back and walk past the truck with the turret. Look up towards the end of the first long red ladder. You will see a shining spot. Shoot it, and the smaller diamond will drop for you to pick up. In about five minutes or less you will make an easy 6,000 gold. Quit the game and select "Yes" when prompted. This will save your equipment and treasures. Reload, continue the game, and repeat the process. You will soon accumulate enough money to upgrade your weapons. To make even more money, only equip the new sniper and keep picking it up or giving it to Sheva. Also keep selling it to get extra money.

  • Fight through the first two packs of dogs, After the second pack of dogs you should see a stack of lumber. Climb up the stack all the way. On the top stack, turn right and you can collect a Jewel Beetle (worth 2,000 gold). Climb down the stack and continue forward past the train car. Turn right, keeping the train car on the right-hand side. When you are almost to the end of that wall, you can collect another Jewel Beetle on the right-hand wall. After you collect both Jewel Beetles, quit the game and save your inventory. Load the level again. Sell the Jewel Beetles for a total of 4,000 gold and play through the level again. The Beetles will respawn. The only ammo you should expend is on the two packs of dogs and two shots to destroy the explosive trip wire. Other than that you should not have to shoot anything else.

Rating 3

How to defeat the final Uroburos Boss

Upgrade the Lightning Hawk all the way and purchase unlimited ammunition for it (15,000 points).

Rating 3

How to defeat Lickers

The Lickers are far more difficult than in previous Resident Evil games. However, they have a weakness. Notice they have a "heart" hanging down from their chest. The best way to target this is to use a rifle (for example, the PSG-1). Target the darker red bulge. If you cannot get a clear shot at it, score a head shot and they will recoil, making the chest more vulnerable and easier to target. With the PSG-1, this will allow for a two shot kill, or perhaps a one shot kill if you can hit the heart with the first shot. Hand grenades also work very well.Tthey will completely disappear when hit with a grenade. This is very useful in Chapter 5-3 when you have to face a large number of them.

Rating 3

Unlockable Costumes

Unlock the following costumes by collecting the corresponding amounts of BSAA emblems:

Chris's S.T.A.R.S. costume Collect 25 BSAA emblems.
Sheva's Tribal costume Collect 30 BSAA emblems.

Rating 2

Sheva Alomar's story

To unlock Sheva Alomar's story, beat the game with Chris "Six Pockets" Redfield.

Rating 2

Lure enemies away from partner

If you partner is low on health and under attack, click Left Analog-stick + Right Analog-stick to lure enemies away from your partner and towards you.

Rating 2

Mercenaries mode characters

Unlock the following characters by earning an "A" or higher rank in the corresponding Mercernaries mode missions:

Chris (S.T.A.R.S.) "Experimental Facility" mission
Chris (Safari) "The Village" mission
Jill (B.S.A.A.) "Public Assembly" mission
Jill (Battle Suit) "Ship Deck" mission
Sheva (Clubin) "Ancient Ruins" mission
Sheva (Tribal) "Missile Area" mission
Wesker (Midnight) "The Mines" mission
Wesker (S.T.A.R.S.) "The Prison" mission

Rating 2

Efficient healing

If both players stand in front each other and one of them heals themselves, both persons will get healed.

Rating 2

Treasure pieces

Search the following locations to find the corresponding treasure pieces:

Antique Clock

Chapter 1-2: On the balcony of the house that is locked from the inside.

Beetle (Brown)

Chapter 3-1: On the small island where you start.
Also found elsewhere in multiple locations in Chapter 3-1.

Beetle (Gold)
Chapter 4-2: On the bottom floor of the mirror puzzles, in one of the room that unlocks send the beam of light to the statue instead of the final mirror.

Beetle (Jewel)
Chapter 3-2: On top of the oil drums at the Tricell camp.

Blue Enigma
Chapter 3-1: Kill a giant Manjini.

Ceremonial Mask
Chapter 3-1: In an alcove to the right of the gondola at the end of the chapter.

Chalice (Silver)
Chapter 3-1: On the middle island (the chicken farm).
Also found elsewhere in multiple locations.

Chalice (Gold)
Chapter 5-3: When in the room with the drawbridge and swarm of Lickers, look in a locker after you drop down into the locked room.

Dead Bride's Necklace
Chapter 5-2: Lying near the discarded corpses on the conveyor belt.
Chapter 6-1: Dropped by the rocket launcher wielding Majini.

Diamond (Brilliant)
Chapter 2-2: After the scene with Irving, go downstairs and outside. Walk towards the machine gun turret and look for a small ladder on your left. The gem is in a chest on that ledge.

Diamond (Marquis)
Note: You must be playing as Chris if in Solo mode. During the final fight with Wesker at the volcano, immediately after Wesker appears for the first time, turn around and move towards the bridge that will collapse. Before stepping on it, shoot down the rock just past it that is the same color. When you fall through the bridge, turn to your left then jump over the rock to collect the gem.

Diamond (Oval)
Chapter 2-2: In the mines just before the crank at the exit, turn left off the cart tracks. Follow the wall to a chest containing the gem.

Diamond (Pear)
Chapter 2-2: After the scene with Irving, go past the machine gun turret. Aim at the top of the large ladder to shoot it down.

Diamond (Square)
Chapter 2-2: After the scene with Irving go past one more checkpoint. There is a broken ladder with an assist jump here. The gem is on the ledge Sheva lands on. Follow her around to where she climbs, then jump down one level to get it.

Diamond (Trilliant)
Chapter 4-2: After putting in all three emblems in the door, go up the stairs. Shoot the gem down from above the big door you have to enter.

Emerald (Brilliant)
Chapter 5-3: At the start of the Wesker and Jill fight at the end of the chapter, run up the staircase on the right in front of you. Follow the path round to the right. The gem is in one of the pots at the end.

Emerald (Marquis)
Chapter 3-3: After leaving the boat for a second time, climb a ladder to the ledge with the two machine gun turrets above the gate you are trying to open. The gem is in a drawer in the room between the guns.

Emerald (Oval)
Chapter 5-3: Turn around after Wesker kicks you through the door. Follow the corridor into a room with the coffins. The gem is in a coffin that needs an assist event to open.

Emerald (Pear)
Found in multiple locations.

Emerald (Square)
Found in multiple locations.

Emerald (Trilliant)
Chapter 4-1: After you fall down from the trap with the empty sarcophagus, the gem is in one of the three treasure chests.

Gold Ring
Chapter 1-1: Kill the Executioner at the end of the chapter.
Also found elsewhere in multiple locations.

Heart Of Africa
Chapter 5-3: Between the stairs during the Jill solo fight after you ended the previous fight by damaging Wesker enough to make him retreat.

Idol (Silver)
Chapter 3-1: On top of the left of the two assist jumps on the northeast island.

Idol (Gold)
Chapter 4-2: On the bottom floor of the mirror puzzles, in one of the room that unlocks send the beam of light to the statue instead of the final mirror.

Ivory Relief
Chapter 1-2: Dropped by the blonde woman you help.

Jewel Bangle
Dropped by a "Big Man" Manjini.

Lion Heart
Kill a group Lickers until one drops.

Power Stone
Kill a Reaper.

Royal Necklace
Chapter 5-3: Inside the control room being guarded by a group of rocket launcher wielding Manjini.

Ruby (Brilliant)
Created by MoogleCrusader.
Chapter 5-3: Leave the room with the giant rotating elevator. Look at the ceiling between the last two lights as you emerge from the tunnel in the next room.

Ruby (Marquis)
Created by MoogleCrusader.
Chapter 2-1: - During the fight in the market area where you have to shoot a key from a hanging dead body, toss a grenade into the middle stall with a chest in it. The gem is in that chest.

Ruby (Oval)
Chapter 4-1: Behind the red statue in the labyrinth.

Ruby (Pear)
Found in multiple locations.

Ruby (Square)
Found in multiple locations.

Ruby (Trilliant)
Chapter 4-1: After you fall down from the trap with the empty sarcophagus, the gem is in one of the three treasure chests.

Sapphire (Brilliant)
Chapter 5-3: Turn around after Wesker kicks you through the door. Follow the corridor into a room with the coffins. The gem is in a coffin that needs an assist event to open.

Sapphire (Marquis)
Chapter 5-3: At the beginning of the level, leave the Boss room. Follow the path around and take a left at the fork. The gem is in a safe to your left as you enter the room.

Sapphire (Oval)
Chapter 5-3: Turn around after Wesker kicks you through the door. Follow the corridor into a room with the coffins. The gem is in a small pot on the shelf to the right as you enter.

Sapphire (Pear)
Found in multiple locations.

Sapphire (Square)
Found in multiple locations.

Sapphire (Trilliant)
Chapter 4-1: After you fall down from the trap with the empty sarcophagus, the gem is in one of the three treasure chests.

Soul Gem
Chapter 4-1: Kill the Boss at the end of the level without using the reaction event (before climbing the stairs to the exit).

Topaz (Brilliant)
Chapter 5-3: In the room with the drawbridge and the swarm of Lickers, the gem is high on the wall in front of you as you cross the drawbridge.

Topaz (Marquis)
Chapter 1-1: After you jump out of the window, take out all the Majini and one of them will drop it.

Topaz (Oval)
Chapter 6-1: Under the Normal, Veteran, or Professional difficulty, go up the ladder just before the assist push. Turn around and find a person that you will have to fight later. Shoot him now. Go through the gate scene and on your way to the crank, turn right after the stairs.

Topaz (Pear)
Found in multiple locations.

Topaz (Square)
Found in multiple locations.

Topaz (Trilliant)
Chapter 4-1: At the beginning, before you climb up the first ladder go straight towards the end. The gem is in the treasure box.

Venom Fang
Kill a chainsaw Manjini. Note: The first one encountered will not drop one.

Rating 2

Obtaining the Heart Of Africa

To get the Heart Of Africa treasure you must do a set number of damage to Wesker during the first fight with him and Jill. The best way is to have the Infinite Magnum. You will also get the achievement if it is your first time. After you defeat him and start of the Jill fight, the treasure will be between the two curved staircases. Also, do not forget to get the gem in the southeast corner of the room you enter in the crate, and the two in the tombstone upstairs, and the one nearby in the little pot.

Rating 2

"Public Assembly": VZ61 machine gun

After the gate has broken open, you can enter the market. Go all the way down the street until you see big red doors and gas cans next to them. Turn right just before the gas cans. There will be a brief case you can open with a VZ61 Machine gun in it. If you look closely, the gun looks similar to the "Scorpion" sub machine gun from Call Of Duty 4. This gun will make this level much easier.

Rating 2

"Storage Facility": Easy gold

Start Chapter 2-1 under any difficulty setting with a friend via the Internet. Note: You must have eggs to do this trick. Begin your game with your partner. Have whoever has the eggs drops out of the game, leaving all the eggs to the AI character. Have the other person then request all of the eggs from the AI character and complete the level, making sure that the game saves. Then, go back into the game with your partner at the same level, making sure that you have the eggs in every inventory slot. Then, drop out, leaving all the eggs to the AI. Have your partner request all the eggs, then complete the level. You can repeat this as many times as desired. The eggs will multiply each time you do this and you can sell them for 2,000 gold. This is a way to receive unlimited amounts of money to buy whatever you need.

Rating 2

"Uroboros Research Facility": Easy ammunition

In Chapter 5-2, "Uroboros Research Facility", after the conveyor belt area and you start a new checkpoint, you reach a point where you drop down. There are a number of crates with flame rounds, rifle rounds, handgun ammo, and an incendiary grenade. Collect everything, then save the game and quit. When you start again, remove the collected items from the item management screen and collect them all again. You can get 300 handgun bullets in a matter of ten minutes.

Rating 2

How to defeat U-8

When you start the U-8 fight, you will need a rocket launcher. When you start, aim at the U-8's mouth and blast it. It will be dead in less than three seconds.

Rating 2

Easy completion (Mercernaries mode)

Have two players so that one can rack up kills. Have one of the players immediately go for the time bonuses instead of getting too caught up with enemies. Get about five minutes worth of time. If you can, collect the combo time to rack up some serious points. Then, meet up with your partner and find a good place to hold out and accumulate points. Every level plays out differently and can be more difficult than others with this strategy. Try making a route for each time bonus. Note: If you are playing on "Public Assembly" or "Ship Deck" do not find a hiding location. Instead, move and kill or the chainswaw Manjinis or executioner will catch up to you and kill you.

Rating 2

Easy money hints

  • In any chapter, collect as much gold, items, and treasures as possible. Then, pause the game and quit. Save the game when prompted. Restart the chapter to find that the gold and other items are still in your inventory. Sell any of the items at the "Shop" menu that appears before the start of the chapter.

  • Go through a chapter while collecting as many hand grenades as possible. Then, start Co-op mode with a friend, system link, or over the Internet. Hand your partner all of your grenades and have them exit the game. After they leave, your AI partner will still have the grenades. Make sure you request them back. While you do this, your friend that left can sell the ones he took with him. You can have up to five in each slot, and they each sell for 250 gold. You will gain 11,322 gold each time you do this (if you have all your slots full). This is also a great way to stock up on ammunition.

  • As soon as you defeat the Uruoburos for the second time, repeat the beginning of that chapter and collect plenty of money and ammo (especially for the machine gun). Repeat this several times and you will be able to upgrade every weapon.

  • After completing the game, go to Chapter 5-1 (Underground Garden) and bring extra ammunition if possible. Proceed until you reach the part with all the Lickers. Do not press the button to the elevator yet. Instead, kill all the Lickers that are there, then gather all the treasures and money they dropped. Press the button to the elevator and kill the four or five Lickers that appear. Once again, gather the treasures, then quit the game and repeat until satisfied. You should make about 10,000 gold selling the treasures the Lickers drop. There are no enemies except for the Lickers you are meant to defeat, which will make for easy money for weapon upgrades.

  • To stockpile gold for upgrades, replay the beginning of Chapter 4-1. Start by running forward en route to the cave entrance. Once in the cave, run forward and a cinematic will play, introducing the Bui Kichwa spiders. These can be taken out easily with a flash grenade, but are also easy enough to plow through with a pistol and/or knife. Dispatch the first few spiders you see, then run past the ladder and into the small room at the back. Run to the vase, turn around, and look up to shoot a gem off the ceiling. Also, get the gem from the chest. Backtrack and go up the ladder, then take out the spider and proceed onwards down the winding cave. Just past the first few vases, knife the standing torch for a gem. After taking out a few spiders, continue forward and knife the ground torch for another gem. Once you reach the bottom, there are three gems to be found. One is in the skull on the right. The other two are on the left-hand side; one in the standing torch, and one on the ground in a skull. This takes about four minutes and yields 8,000 gold in gems, plus an additional 2,000 gold if a Bui Kichwa drops a rotten egg. You should also pick up a variety of ammunition and grenades after doing this for awhile, so it is well worth your time. Additionally, you may continue forward through the door at the bottom of the cave. If you choose to, then do as follows: run forward and jump down, then shoot at the wall over the entrance to the next room for a gem. Keep moving until you find a tomb that you can open for 900 gold. In the next room, knife the lantern for a gem and continue forward for a cinematic. After that, drop down and mow through all the Majini in your path, stopping for another gem located in the ground torch behind the masked Majini with a crossbow. After taking care of the shielded Majinis, walk into the first room and collect two gems and 700 gold from the tomb. In the next room, grab the gem from the ground torch and the one held by a mummy. Once you fall down the trick tomb, take care of the Bui Kichwa and the Majini who appear, then retrieve the three gems from the chests. Quit after this point if you came this far. This half of the trek yields 12,000 gold in gems plus additional gold, ammo, grenades, herbs, etc. found along the way. It usually takes seven to eight minutes to do this. Note: It can be frustrating to keep fighting all the Majini; you can choose to only follow the first part before repeating.

  • At the beginning of the Marshlands chapter, go up to the body of the dead soldier. Ignore the slate and pick up the beetle on the wall, the ruby in the mask, and the barrel contents. Then, visit the following locations in no particular order: the island hut full of chickens, sinking boat, triangle huts, and village. At the chicken island, collect the eggs, the treasure in the house, and the barrel contents on the lookout. At the sinking boat, get the barrel and the rocket launcher. At the triangle huts, collect the other beetle, the barrel contents, and the treasure on the lookout. There is also an insignia near the ceiling to shoot. At the village, collect the emerald and all the barrels and jars. There is also a ruby in a mask on a post near a hut and the treasure. Do not get any slate pieces. Quit, go to "Item Management", then sell the treasures, eggs, and anything else that you do not need. Put the rocket launcher in storage and repeat the process until you are rich and have plenty of rocket launchers to make the boss battles easier. Use the money to level up your weapons. You can earn roughly 15,000 gold each time. If you need to stock up on machine gun bullets, do the same thing in the Chapter 2-1 storage room. A blue insignia is also there. In the Caves, you can use your rocket launcher to take out the bat Boss. You will get a green gem worth 10,000 gold, which when added to all the other cave treasure, can increase your money significantly.

  • At the start of Chapter 2-1, you will be in a garage with two Humvees, a few breakable crates, and a machine gun. Pick up any items you wish, including the machine gun. End the game and choose "Yes" to overwrite your current equipment. Continue the game from the main menu. You will have gained your items, as well as the machine gun. From here you can sell the machine gun back for easy money, then repeat the process over again. This is an easy way to help upgrade your weapons early, as well as max your ammo out.

Rating 2

"Caves": How to defeat the Boss

When you face the flying bat/insect-like creature for the second time in Chapter 4-1, there is an easy way to defeat him which will allow you to still get the Soul Gem. In the southwest corner of the bottom floor, there is a small pillar of stone in the middle, with what looks to be a log with spikes coming out of it as well as a rib cage hanging from it. When Sheva tells you that it is too hard to fight and you should go upstairs, if done correctly you can just walk backwards without having to dodge around the pillar as the Boss tries to attack you. The "Dodge" button will appear, but it is not necessary. Just continue to walk backwards around the pillar and attack with whatever you have when it is vulnerable, shooting the soft portion on the back of its tail. When it dies you can collect the Soul Gem which is worth 10,000 gold when sold.

Rating 2

Mercenary mode ammo

While in Mercenary mode drop your least favorite gun and all of its ammo. All the ammo you find in Mercenary mode will then be for the gun you are holding.

Rating 2

"Experimental Facility": Easy gold

Select the Amateur difficulty for easier kills if desired. Play up until you get to the part where you are in the hallway with all of the Lickers on patrol. Go through it and kill all of them, picking up their Lion Hearts as you go. This is easier when you use a fully upgraded Magnum or rifle because it usually results in one to two shots to kill. When you get to the other end of the corridor, do not open the door. Instead just pause the game and go to quit, saving and overwriting when prompted. When you reach the main menu, go to "Item Management" and sell the Lion Hearts. This usually results in about 12,500 gold each run. Go to "Continue" and restart at the beginning.

Rating 2

"Uroboros Research Facility": Easy gold

At the start of level 5-3, go to the place where Excella talks to you at the end of level 5-2. Just beside the door you will see a safe containing a Treasure, worth 3,000 gold. Quit and save, then sell it during item management. Repeat this as many times as possible until you max out your weapons.

Rating 2

Quick reload (Mercernaries mode)

Display the inventory screen and combine ammunition manually with your weapon. This causes weapons such as the shotgun to reload much faster than the normal method. You can also use this trick while climbing ladders or jumping.

Reload your weapon when the melee option appears. Then, start the melee sequence. Your weapon will be reloaded instantly.

Rating 2

Infinite Ammo

To unlock infinite ammo, complete the game and upgrade all of your weapon's attributes. Then, use exchange points to buy the ability in the bonus features.

Rating 1

Completion bonuses

  • Complete the game on any difficulty to unlock Mercenaries Mode, Infinite Ammo option, New Game+ mode, History of Resident Evil, Sheva Alomar, Chris's Safari alternate costume, and Sheva's Clubbin alternate costume.

  • Perform the corresponding tasks to unlock the following bonuses:

Classic Horror Filter Complete the game on amateur difficulty.
Professional Difficulty and "Noise Filter" Complete the game on veteran difficulty.
Retro Filter Complete the game on normal difficulty.
Unlock Rocket Launcher w/ Infinite Ammo Complete the game in under 5 hours on any difficulty. Then, enable it at the "Bonus Features" menu.

Rating 1

Valuable gems locations

There are seven types of gems: Pear, oval, square, brilliant, trilliant, marquise, and unique hearts. Each gem has five colors: green, yellow, blue, white, and red. Find them in the following locations:

Soul Gem(10,000)

  • In Chapter 4-1 instead of running away from Popokarimu, fight him. Stay away from the stairs while fighting him. The gem will appear after you kill him.

Diamond(Marquise, 5,000)
  • In Chapter 6-3 when fighting Wesker, take down the tower of rocks next to the bridge that collapses at the start of the battle. Climb the rocks to another path next to the central island. You will see the diamond.

Heart of Africa(10,000)
  • In Chapter 5-3 when fighting Wesker, take him out quickly. The gem is in between the stairs on the first floor in the main room while fighting Jill.

Ruby(Brillant, 2,500)
  • In Chapter 5-3 it is located in the roof of the tunnel right before you reach the room where you fight Wesker and Jill.

Topaz(Marquise 3,000)
  • In Chapter 1-1 fight off the minions that block your path and you will see it.

Rating 1

Unlockable versus characters

The following characters can be purchased at the "Bonus Features" menu for the corresponding amounts of exchange points:

BSAA Jill 5,000 points.
Battle Suit Jill 7,000 points.
Clubbin' Sheva 6,000 points.
Midnight Wesker 30,000 points.
S.T.A.R.S. Chris 13,000 points.
S.T.A.R.S. Wesker 50,000 points.
Safari Chris 8,000 points.
Tribal Sheva 15,000 points.

Rating 1

Devil May Cry 2 reference

The name for the virus in Resident Evil 5, Uroboros, is also used as a name for the corporation in Devil May Cry 2, another Capcom game.

Rating 1

Distract Majini

If your partner is low on health and being attacked by Majini, press both analog sticks to taunt the Majini. They will start attacking you instead of your partner.

Rating 1

Easy quick game

Use the following trick to get a combined clear time for the entire game of under five hours (to unlock unlimited RPG ammunition). A really easy way of doing this is to play under the Amateur difficulty setting and just run pass all enemies. Only kill story-driven enemies (ones that hold key cards or those that must be defeated to advance the game). Also, avoid any crates, barrels, or treasures. Attempting this with a friend instead of the CPU-controlled Sheva is recommended. Note: You do not need to purchase the infinite ammo in "Bonus Features" as you would do for normal guns.

Rating 1

"Marshlands": Easy gold and RPG

  • You can get free treasures worth 11,000 gold and a RPG at the start of Chapter 3-1, "Marshlands"--all without need for any use of ammunition or trouble killing zombies. Start Chapter 3-1 "Marshlands" and skip the cinematic if you do not want to waste time. Straight at the first dock, go to the vases to find a Ruby (Pear) on the mask (1,000 gold). Go straight to the center of the lake to find a Silver Chalice/Idol in the box of the hut (2,000 gold). Go northwest. There should be a half-sunken boat on your way there, with a RPG in the silver box on the deck. Go to the platform at the northwest. Along your way in, there should be a Beetle (Brown) on the fishing fence. At the platform, notice the Silver Chalice/Idol in the box of the hut. Jump down into the pool. There should be another Beetle (Brown) at left ladder up. (all totaling 4,000 gold). Go up north of map and to the end of the village. Help your partner up the left tower to collect the Silver Chalice/Idol in the box (2,000 gold). Note: Do not take the key piece in the box on the left tower; it will trigger enemies to appear. Finally, go to the southwest village with a long stream leading in, then go straight to the center platform to open the box. You should get another Silver Chalice/Idol (2,000 gold). Note: Do not head elsewhere. Go directly to the box at the center platform. If you go towards to the other huts, it will trigger the zombies to appear. Save and quit the game, then sell the treasures worth 11,000 gold in your inventory. Sell the RPG for another 1,000 gold if you don't want it. Note: Make sure not to pick up any of the puzzle (key) pieces as this will trigger the enemies to appear. You can break as many vases and pots as desired and collect ammoand gold bags, but do not pick up the key items. Do not bother to go to the east village to get the other Ruby (Pear) as you might be killed by the Crocs. If everything is done correctly, you will not encounter any enemies but get 11,000 gold worth of treasures and a free RPG.

  • In addition to the above, there are other hidden treasures throughout the area. On the first area with the vases, there is a Brown Beetle on the tree to the left of the key piece. At the area in the center of the lake, you can find another Brown Beetle on a post just left of the dock. Also, collect the eggs from the back right corner since they sell for 250 gold each. Also, wait to see if any of the chickens lay eggs. Sometimes they will lay a golden egg worth 1,000 gold. At the sunken ship to the northwest, there is also a beetle where the ship meets the water. In the area to the very north of the map you can find a ruby on a cow skull on a post near the first hut on the right. In the area following the long stream to the southwest of the map, there is ammo skewered amongst the posts surrounding it. In addition, there is another beetle on the tree to the right on the way around to the back. If you have trouble finding the beetles, look for purple flowers growing on posts and trees. Also in the north area, there is an Emerald atop the cow skull perched above the sacrificial altar--shoot it down. With these additional treasures, it brings the total to between 20,000 to 23,000 gold per run and you will still not encounter any enemies as long as you don't pick up puzzle pieces.

Rating 1

Wesker Strategies

  • To safely defeat Wesker in his first form quickly, run to all the levers around the map to turn the lights off. Don't go up the ladders because there are no levers up there. Don't try attacking him until you have turned off all the lights, otherwise you will not be able to hit him. After all the lights have been turned off, take the rocket launcher in the display case after breaking it open. Run to a dark corner far away from him. Wesker will look around while trying to find you. When this happens, take the opportunity to shoot a rocket at him. As soon as you shoot it, he will grab it. Run up to him (or shoot the rocket in his hands), stun him, and initiate a button context. If you need more ammo, send Sheva to fetch it or get it by climbing to the area above the ladders. The second form is nothing but a button context scene battle, and there is no specific strategy needed. In his final form, start by running to the high ground. Then, when in the circular area, shoot the orange "heart" that alternates from his chest to his back while avoiding his attacks. After he takes a certain amount of damage, he will go after Sheva. At this point, run down the ramp from the circular area you were just in a nd make a left to arrive at a large boulder. Instead of interacting with the boulder just yet, shoot Wesker from afar while Sheva hangs in the balance. Once she lifts herself up, start to move the boulder using the button contexts. Make your way back to the high ground and repeat the orange heart strategy until he is defeated.

  • During Wesker's final form and after saving Sheva from Wesker and pushing the boulder over to allow her to join you, you will once again be attacked by Wesker once you run to the higher ground where you faced him earlier. Like before, dodge his attacks as you shoot his heart, which switches between his chest and back. Once you do enough damage to his heart, he will kneel down and push his arm into the ground. It then comes up around him as several swirling tentacles, protecting him from fire. If you wait and do nothing after he gets back up, you will see a cinematic of tentacles recovering his heart, which you do not want to happen. To prevent this, just after the swirling tentacles recede, run up to him and there should be a button event will begin, allowing you to hold him while Sheva stabs him (and later you).

  • Use the following strategy to defeat Wesker's final form faster. Note: An RPG is required. It is easier to do with Sheva, but still can be done with Chris. When Wesker is going up the incline to the center area while chasing Chris, fire the RPG at the orange point on his back. If you connect a hit, the game will immediately advance to the final cinematic.

  • To easily defeat Wesker in Chapter 6-3, when you appear on the volcano, run away from Wesker until the bridge breaks. Then, have Chris stay as close to the edge of the land as possible before jumping across. Do not shoot or do anything else. When Wesker gets close to Chris, the cinematic of his back will play. Have Sheva ready with a rocket launcher and shoot him as soon as possible, in the white spot.

Rating 1

Getting better ammunition (Mercernaries mode)

The ammunition that drops is based on the type of weapons you have. Drop weapons that you will not use to increase the chance of getting ammunition that is more useful.

Rating 1

Wesker's dash attack

When using Wesker in Mercenaries mode, press the right-analog stick to perform a dash and press X while dashing to perform a knee attack.

Rating 1

How to defeat Q-1

When you are fighting the Q-1, get the grenade launcher with acid rounds then shoot it in his mouth. Throw something in his mouth. Repeat this and it will be defeated in five minutes.

Rating 1

2-player healing

If one player heals themself while the other player stands next to them, both players will be healed.

Rating 0

"Caves": Easy money

The easiest and quickest way to make money is on Chapter 4-1. Play the level under the Amateur difficulty setting and look for all the treasures. Collecting all the treasures will result in about 40,000 gold. There are seven treasures in part one of the level, ten in part two, and another ten including the Soul Gem worth 10,000 gold in part 3.

Rating 0

Unlockable outfits (mercenaries mode)

Unlock the following outfits by getting an A Rank or better in the corresponding chapters:

Chris Outfit #1 Get an A Rank or better in The Village.
Chris Outfit #2 Get an A Rank or better in Experimental Facility.
Jill Outfit #1 Get an A Rank or better in Ship Deck.
Jill Outfit #2 Get an A Rank or better in Public Assembly.
Sheva Outfit #1 Get an A Rank or better in Ancient Ruins.
Sheva Outfit #2 Get an A Rank or better in Missile Area.
Wesker Outfit #1 Get an A Rank or better in The Mines.
Wesker Outfit #2 Get an A Rank or better in The Prison.

Rating 0

"Civilian Checkpoint": Hidden dialogue

Remain idle at the start of Chapter 1-1 before reaching any checkpoints to see a conversation with Chris talking to Sheva about the American dream.

Rating 0

"Storage Facility": Skip locked gate

You will go up a building before fighting the chainsaw enemy at the end of Chapter 2-1. At the top you usually have to split up and have Sheva go to the other side of the locked door down below. Use the following trick to skip this requirement. Get the grenade from the first balcony up the stairs in the building with the locked door. Go to the very first balcony of the building, and move directly across from the "Animal Health" sign. Throw the grenade at the sign, aiming slightly lower than needed. You need to bounce the grenade off the sign to have it land next to the locked door which is below it. If done correctly, this will destroy the lock. You can now simply go downstairs and exit through the now open door. Note: If you have the Gatling gun, simply push it through the door and it will shoot off the lock from the other side.

Rating 0

"Ship Deck": Avoid getting trapped

Use this trick to prevent Sheva from getting stuck in the cage in Chapter 6-1. When you go up the first set of stairs on the little walkway, equip a rifle with the scope enhancement (for better zoom capabilities). Look up at the crane. You will see a Manjini getting ready to pull the lever to trap Sheva in the cage and setting off the ambush. Kill it the prevent the ambush. However, if you do this trick you will not be able to access the crane area without the keycard, and thus not able to move the cage to access a gold bar worth 3,000 gold across a few containers in a safe.

Rating 0


Picking up an item allows you to dodge an attack. This works best when surrounded by enemies. Stand above an item on the floor while shooting. If you miss someone who runs up to you, just pick up the item. Your character will duck the attack and the enemy will be open for a counter-attack. Kill him, stand over the item that he drops, and continue.

Rating 0

Easy "S" ranks in Campaign mode

Use the RPG with infinite ammo enabled, then just rush through the level. Kill every enemy you encounter. Because you are using the RPG, enemies are killed easily from direct hits and splash damage. Your accuracy will be rather high. Because you are killing all the enemies your kill count will be high. Because you are rushing through the level your clear time will be low.

Rating 0

Easy money/items

In any chapter, collect as much gold, items, and treasures as possible. Then, pause the game and quit. Save the game when prompted. Restart the chapter to find that the gold and other items are still in your inventory. Sell any of the items at the "Shop" menu that appears before the start of the chapter.

Rating 0

VZ61 machine gun location

In the public assembly, enter the market after the gate has broken open. Go down the street and turn right just before the gas cans. There is a briefcase containing a VZ61 Machine Gun.

Rating 0

Unlockable weapons

Fully upgrade the following weapons to unlock the corresponding weapons for purchase at the shop:

Ithaca M93 Shotgun Unlocks the Hydra Triple Barrel Shotgun.
M92F Pistol Unlocks the Beretta 83R.
S&W M29 Magnum Unlocks the S&W 500 Magnum.
S75 Rifle Unlocks the Longbow for Sheva.
VZ61 Machine Gun Unlocks the Gatling Gun for Chris.

Rating 0

"Buying" ammunition

If you have a lot of money, and have unlocked a particular gun, you can buy that gun and sell it for a very reduced price. However, when you sell the gun, whatever ammunition inside it when being sold is be transferred to your inventory, allowing you to "buy" ammo, albeit at a very high price Note: Buy the lowest cost type of gun because the ammunition is universal. For example, it does not matter which pistol to buy, as long as you are trying to get pistol ammunition.

Rating 0

How to defeat Uroboros

After you complete the game and obtain the unlimited rocket launcher, you will be able to kill all forms of Uroboros very quickly.

Rating 0

Money/Ammo 2-player duplication glitch

This cheat requires 2 players. Go to Chapter 2-2. Exchange any ammo/healing powers with another player. Exit the game. The player who received the items should save their game, and the player who gave their items should not save. When you return both players will have the items.