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Steam achievements

"That" guy - That creep on the subway? Yeah, that's you.
Access granted - Gain access to the inner vault
Angel - Open Dr. Morales's journal without damaging it
Archive master - Get the blueprints on your first try
Blackmailer - Gain Tortoise's help by resorting to blackmail
Blueprint snatcher - Nab the blueprints from the police archive
Close to heart - Learn Bennet's secret
Cut the rope - Save yourself by destroying a rope
Decoder ring - SUPER ACHIEVEMENT: Decode a journal
Dream master - Get all the memories from Anna's dream maze
Duo - Gain control of two characters
Finding north - Use a compass to find a new location
Get the scoop - The pulitzer is in the bag
Good listener - Listen to Saul's whole story without interrupting him
Gotta hide - Escape a nightmare
High Score - SUPER ACHIEVEMENT: Finish the game with a full score
Hippocrates - Pay Ozzy while keeping your professional integrity intact
I promise you - Your uncle holds the key
Independent - Finish the game without asking another character for a hint
Just because - Ray's kind of a jerk
Key nabber - Remove the contents of a locker without opening it
Lesser of two evils - You sided with an enemy to stop a greater foe
Listen to us - Play the entire game with commentary mode active
Magnetic personality - Maneuver everyone through the super collider
Mirror Master - Grow some eyes in the back of your head
No smoking - Discover the chemisty department's secret
Phone tracer - Track the movements of a killer
Quartet - Gain control of all four characters
Quick escape - INSANE ACHIEVEMENT: Escape from the monster without locking the door
Safe seer - INSANE ACHIEVEMENT: Open Tortoise's safe without using any "visual aids"
Safecracker - Crack Tortoise's safe
Savior - Save Dr. Morales
See the Wizard - Find Morales's financial information
Teamwork - Team up to fix the lab's water system
Technophile - Find a new location on the map using fancy technology
That went well - Talk to that nice girl on the subway
The new world order - You stopped a killer, but let the big fish go free
Wired - Rewire the lab door circuit

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I know the requirement but I'm having trouble doing it.

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